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Welcome to Winthrop

It would be safe to say that if there were a “water world” in Maine, Winthrop would be a top contender for the title! An amazingly beautiful town that is surrounded by accessible water for its residents and visitors alike is definitely greatly appreciated by those who love the outdoors. In fact, Cobbossee Lake has gained accolades nationally as one of America’s best lakes to fish! In addition to the water, Winthrop gives one a glimpse of what one of Maine’s perfect, small towns looks like. It is perfectly located between larger urban, service centers so its people and visitors alike can enjoy activities and events all around as well as right next door! 


Events & Activities


Hiking & Biking

Mountain Bikers

The Mount Pisgah Conservation Area features three trails: Tower, Blueberry, and The Ledges that all come together at a former Maine Fire Service Tower where you can see for miles and miles...and on a clear day, you can even see Mt. Washington! 

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Water/Water Sports/Fishing

Grandfather and Child Fishing

Cobbossee Lake is known nationally for its superior fishing. Just over nine miles long, this large waterbody is a prime example of why folks keep returning to this area for rest and relaxation.

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(You Can Also Learn More About The Area’s Waterbodies By Clicking Here)




hillanddlers lewiston.jpg

The Hillandalers Snowmobile Club work hard to maintain the snowmobile trails in this area. In addition to all the care they give the trails so you can have an incredible ride, they also foster good relationships with the nearly 140 landowners that have allowed access to their private lands so everyone can ride on them!

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Hotel Reception

Winthrop does not have any lodging available, but nearby towns and cities offer accommodations as well as camping facilities! 



pizza winthrop.jpg


Wow! Winthrop sure offers locals and visitors alike plenty of choices to dine out or take away! From pubs and sit-down eateries to subs, burgers, and pizza, you will find more than enough places to enjoy a great variety of delicious food! 

burg winthrop.jpg


Playing in the Playground

Norcross Point serves as a gathering place for this community. It features a playground so the children will work off some of that incredible energy they have. It is located right at the head of Marancook Lake. 


Beauty & Fitness

Hair Salon

There are salons to pamper yourself while you are here, and also a fitness center that offers martial arts. 


Music & Arts

violin winthrop.jpg

The summer months in Winthrop are filled with the joyous sounds of music:  all kinds!  The Concerts at Norcross Point series offer every type of music that you can imagine. Not only can you attend the shows that feature the music that you love, you can check out other types and maybe fall in love with them as well. The venue is a beautiful spot at the head of Maranacook Lake near the boat landing and features many amenities including bathrooms and paved walkways. You can even launch your watercraft and listen to the music on the water.

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The CODA Chorus is celebrating its 56th year in 2022! This is a local chorus that performs two concerts a year, spring and winter. If you are in town in those seasons, you can catch one of them.  

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 Winthrop is also centrally located so one can travel short distances to enjoy productions in other, larger towns and cities.

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store winthrop.jpg

There is a good variety of small shops and larger stores to visit while you are in Winthrop. You will surely find a treasure to take home with you!



Sitting in Bus

For information on transportation opportunities,    

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Town Contact
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