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Welcome to Fort Kent

This picturesque town at the extreme northern end of the state is, (pardon the cliché`), a jewel in the crown of Maine and is the home of the University of Maine’s northernmost campus. Fort Kent has the honor of being the beginning of U. S. Route 1 that runs 2,369 miles to Key West, Florida. It is also the beginning (or ending, depending on your direction of travel) of Maine’s Pine Tree Trail. The population in the 2020 census numbered just over 4,000 residents, but that number grows dramatically when visitors arrive for the annual events that the town sponsors. From dog sled races to a fishing derby and ployes festivals (bet you’ll Google that!), there is never a shortage of fun there, and friendly folks to do it with! The community-run Fort Kent Outdoor Center has hosted actual biathlons and serves as a training center for many of the athletes participating in this grueling sport. As one of the two trailheads of the Pine Tree Trail, Fort Kent epitomizes the beauty of northern Maine and the country lifestyle!  




Fishing Boat

Warm weather activities:

The Fish River Scenic Byway has multiple opportunities to stop along its route to enjoy water activities in beautiful settings.

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The Northern Forest Canoe Trail is a 740-mile river that stretches from New York to its end in Fort Kent.

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valley picnic stop.jpg

What beautiful country to ride your machines in! With nature all around you, it is a good bet that you will see some wildlife on your ride! The Valley ATV Riders is the club responsible for the conditions and safety of the trails in this area.

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valley atv.jpg


Hiking & Biking

Wood Bridge Walking

The Fort Kent Riverside Trail system is great for hikers and bikers with easy to moderate terrain. Coursing through forests and passing by historic sites, this system is comprised of five trails that each have their own character.

The Saint John Valley Heritage Trail is a multi-use trail that runs between Fort Kent and St. Francis. It is 17 miles long and passes through downtown Fort Kent.

The Tour de la Vallee is a bike/hike event that is sponsored by the Edgar J. Paradis Cancer Fund through Northern Maine Medical Center. There is a wide variety of categories for participants to choose from.

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The Island Trail is a short (.4 miles) jaunt that has many educational kiosks along the way to share information about the area with walkers/joggers. 

There are many opportunities for hiking and biking in the Fort Kent area.     

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With this town so active during the winter months, it’s no surprise that the area has a dedicated, busy snowmobile club! The Fort Kent SnoRiders have a Facebook page where you learn more about them and their trails:

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Hotel Reception

There are a variety of campgrounds, camps, and motels to stay at in the area. If you wish to see more of the territory, there are more accommodations outside Fort Kent as well. 

Camp Fire at Night


Mini Hamburgers


What a great place to break bread! From cozy, homey diners, to pubs/brew pubs, Asian cuisine and subs/pizzas, there is no doubt that you will find something to eat that will satisfy everyone in your group’s tastes! 

French Toast



Fort Kent has the honor of being the beginning of U.S. Route 1 that travels 2,369 miles to Key West Florida. The marker here is set in a beautiful location, and many, many visitors have stopped to have their pictures taken.

The Fort Kent Blockhouse is the only remaining evidence of the “Bloodless Aroostook War” of 1839-1840. The was the conflict between the United States and Britain over the territory here.

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Railroad Ties Installation Guide

The Fort Kent Railroad Station was built in 1902 and remained in use until the late 1970’s. It is owned by the Fort Kent Historical Society, and is listed in the National Register.

(You Can Learn More From The Chamber's Website By Clicking Here)


(Learn More By Visiting The National Park Services Page Here)




There is an amazing variety of shops and stores in Fort Kent that are sure to please even the pickiest of shoppers. From gift shops, florists, outfitters and even hardware, you will have fun browsing all the offerings this great community presents. 



Fitness Training

Fort Kent is home to a variety of facilities that serve those who want to stay in shape and enjoy great personal care. Just because you are a visitor doesn’t mean a new “do” can’t be in your vacation plans, right?  



Happy Bus Driver

Fort Kent is one of the communities that the Aroostook Regional Transportation System, Inc., covers. This nonprofit organization covers the largest county in Maine as well as a few towns in two other counties.    

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