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Welcome to Fort Kent

This picturesque town at the extreme northern end of the state is, (pardon the cliché`), a jewel in the crown of Maine and is the home of the University of Maine’s northernmost campus. Fort Kent has the honor of being the beginning of U. S. Route 1 that runs 2,369 miles to Key West, Florida. It is also the beginning (or ending, depending on your direction of travel) of Maine’s Pine Tree Trail. The population in the 2020 census numbered just over 4,000 residents, but that number grows dramatically when visitors arrive for the annual events that the town sponsors. From dog sled races to a fishing derby and ployes festivals (bet you’ll Google that!), there is never a shortage of fun there, and friendly folks to do it with! The community-run Fort Kent Outdoor Center has hosted actual biathlons and serves as a training center for many of the athletes participating in this grueling sport. As one of the two trailheads of the Pine Tree Trail, Fort Kent epitomizes the beauty of northern Maine and the country lifestyle!  

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