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Welcome to Limestone

Limestone is a town with a history and relationship with the United States military. For decades, Loring Air Force base made its home here, employing hundreds of people in the town and areas that surround it. When it closed in 1994, the population dwindled, but the Limestone area continued to makes its way into the future, albeit a different path than it had been traveling. The base itself has been transformed into the Loring Commerce Center, which is attracting a diversified group of tenants to the location.

The ingenuity of the people of Limestone is evident in the example of the band Phish.  From Vermont, this group played three tour events (in the summers of 1997 (The Great Went), 1998 (Lemonwheel) and in 2003, (It). When tens of thousands of Phish fans traveled to the venue, the town temporarily became the most populated town in the state. The Maine School of Science and Mathematics makes its home here, and is ranked one of the top schools in the nation. 

  In the heart of potato country, Limestone is known for producing some of the best tasting potatoes around. It's quiet beauty leaves one content and rested and likely to return again to steep in the peace that Aroostook County is known for. Stop by and see for yourself what a great place Limestone is!





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