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Welcome to Limestone

Limestone is a town with a history and relationship with the United States military. For decades, Loring Air Force base made its home here, employing hundreds of people in the town and areas that surround it. When it closed in 1994, the population dwindled, but the Limestone area continued to makes its way into the future, albeit a different path than it had been traveling. The base itself has been transformed into the Loring Commerce Center, which is attracting a diversified group of tenants to the location.

The ingenuity of the people of Limestone is evident in the example of the band Phish.  From Vermont, this group played three tour events (in the summers of 1997 (The Great Went), 1998 (Lemonwheel) and in 2003, (It). When tens of thousands of Phish fans traveled to the venue, the town temporarily became the most populated town in the state. The Maine School of Science and Mathematics makes its home here, and is ranked one of the top schools in the nation. 

  In the heart of potato country, Limestone is known for producing some of the best tasting potatoes around. It's quiet beauty leaves one content and rested and likely to return again to steep in the peace that Aroostook County is known for. Stop by and see for yourself what a great place Limestone is!


Events & Activities


Limestone SnowHawks 2.jpg

Ah, yes, snowmobiling in Aroostook County.  Can it really get any better than that? The Limestone SnowHawks make sure that when you are cruising on their trails, your ride is one to remember. There are places here where the wide-open spaces will take your breath away...and if you ride at night, the “dark skies” of Aroostook will imprint themselves permanently in your mind and soul.

(Click This Link To Access Their Website And See Just What’s Happening Up In Their Neck Of The Woods)


(Click Here To Check Out Their Facebook Page)



Limestone Trail Hawks 2.jpg

The Limestone Trail Hawks are the ATV club in this area that work diligently to maintain and build the trails for riders to enjoy. They are very active and are already planning for events later on this year!  

(You Can Connect With Them On Their Facebook Page By Clicking Here)

Limestone Trail Hawks.jpg

Aroostook National Wildlife Refuge

Tree Roots

Aroostook National Wildlife Refuge: When the base closed, part of it was turned into a beautiful wildlife conservation site that gives people the opportunity to recreate and enjoy the outdoors.

You can canoe, cross-country ski, and hike amongst the natural beauty of the area while getting some fresh air and exercise.    

(To learn more, visit the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s website by clicking on this link)


The Loring Air Museum

Aviation Show

Operated solely by volunteers, the Loring Air Museum gives visitors a chance to learn about the Loring experience from the people who know best the history and the facts about the base.  Hours are sporadic, so you should call ahead to make sure it will be open.    

(You Can Check Out The Museum’s Website By Clicking Here)



Mountain Bikers

 Trafton Lake Trails offer recreationists the opportunity to enjoy nature through forests, farmlands, and Trafton Lake. It is even groomed in the winter for Nordic skiing! 





Visitors can spend the night(s) in a motel located on the old base, or travel into nearby Caribou for a wider selection. 

Romantic Tent


If you love camping, Limestone has a campground on a beautiful location surrounded by the amazing countryside that makes Aroostook County famous! 



Pepperoni Pizza

All that clean, fresh air makes a body hungry!  Limestone offers places to get pizzas, wraps, salads and subs.

Italian Sandwiches


Fishing Tackle

There is a grocery store, a general store that sells fishing gear and other outdoor items, and of course...fuel! The nearby town of Caribou also offers opportunities to shop. 

Town Contact
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