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Welcome to Haynesville


This small community gives travelers ample opportunity to see many types of wildlife, especially deer and moose.  The town was named after Alvin Haynes, an early settler who invested in a store and hotel in the new territory.  The road leading through this town was built to allow the movement of military goods to Houlton which sits to the north. 

Haynesville became well-known because of the song “Tombstone Every Mile” done by Singer Dick Curless in 1965. Click to listen:

  An established route for trucks hauling goods through Aroostook County, it told of the road whose conditions were so dangerous that someone met their demise every mile on this road.  To this day, many people report seeing ghostly apparitions and strange sights at all hours of the day...young women in white who seem to beg for a ride and then vanish into thin air when picked up. The legend lives on to this day, and a new, modern version proves that some songs never fade away. Click here to listen to The Half Moon Jug Band's rendition:



Town Contact

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For more information, click here for contact numbers for the town:  


Dial 911 for emergency services 

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