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 Revival of Maine’s longest trail...

 What is the Pine Tree Trail Project and why revive Maine's Pine Tree Trail?



The Pine Tree Trail Project was thought up by an individual who found an original Pine Tree Trail road sign and learned that it represented a forgotten, nearly 500-mile Trail (road). Becoming a community effort, the goal has been to bring back the recognition of the route via road signs, travel maps etc., and showcase what Maine's Pine Tree Trail has to offer, and to bring prosperity to all towns & cities along the route.

The Project has also become a way to build connections between businesses, towns, cities, villages, non-profits, individuals, and beyond!

Innumerable businesses and non-profits will have the ability to benefit from the purchase of products and services from the people who may travel the trail.

Job creation is another added benefit from the recognition and new modern-day branding of the route!

When the whole route is re-signed and displayed on new maps, you will be able to navigate it easily once again.

Whether it's on your bicycle, motorcycle, automobile, or in your new electric vehicle, the Trail will be ready when you are!


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