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 Revival of Maine’s longest trail...

 What was the Pine Tree Trail Project?


The Project was thought up after an original Pine Tree Trail road sign was unearthed and a forgotten route was discovered. The original goals from 2019-2020 were to:

  1. Bring back the recognition of Maine’s Pine Tree Trail. 

  2. Reestablish the Trail as it was originally intended in 1937. (As an inland route, showcasing many of the fantastic towns, cities, lake regions, forests and farmlands in Maine.  

  3. Bring revenue to all cities, towns, businesses, and non-profits on/or supporting the Pine Tree Trail.

  4. Nurture private/public partnerships by collaborating on mutually beneficial endeavors. 

  5. Educate people about the Maine landscape, from the rugged seacoast of the south to the Canadian border of the north and everywhere in between. 

  6. Be able to navigate the trail via Apps, road signs and travel maps. 

  7. Promote “Maine’s longest trail.”

  8. Note that two major Federal roadways, the northernmost portion of U.S. Rte. 1 and easternmost portion of U.S. Rte. 2 are part of Maine’s Pine Tree Trail 


In 2021-2022, the Pine Tree Trail's revival had expanded to community wide support to bring back the Trail's recognition.


Support by ways of folks spreading the word about the Trails existence, to the Pine Tree Trailblazers who have helped by generously donating funds, and paving the way for new modern day Trail signage (CLICK HERE)

Now, thanks to them, many Pine Tree Trail towns, cities, businesses, non-profits etc. will have the opportunity to benefit from the purchase of products and services by the people who specifically go out of their way to travel the Trail.

Job creation is also another great added benefit!


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