Welcome to Lincoln

Named “The 2020 Town of the Year” in a Sports 92.9 Ticket poll, this town is known as the “Home of 13 Lakes” and lays along the banks of the mighty Penobscot River.  Originally a mill town, Lincoln is in the process of redefining itself as it moves into the future. There are interesting activities for all types of visitors year-round, and more are being added frequently. 

A must-see while you are in Lincoln, is the Medal of Honor recipient MSG. Gary Gordon statue at the Lincoln Veterans Memorial Park.  Gordon, a member of Delta Force, lost his life defending his comrades in Somalia in 1993, and the movie “Black Hawk Down” was based on this incident. Click link below to read the town’s tribute to him.


Master Sergeant Gary Ivan Gordan
Men Of Operation Gothic Serpent
Master Seargant Gary Gordon



The Congregational Church of Lincoln is to be congratulated on 2022 being the 74th anniversary of the Riverdrivers' Supper during the Loon Festival (Homecoming) here on the banks of the Penobscot River...on the Pine Tree Trail!



Pine Tree Trailblazers

Trailblazers Nicastro’s Landscaping & Home Improvement, Hogan Tire, and Treeline/Maine Land Store have their businesses here in the Lincoln Lakes Region. Thanks to them and their support, the nearly 500-mile Pine Tree Trail will be recognized once again!

Nicastro's Landscaping_edited.webp

Nicastro's Landscaping & Home Improvement Inc.

405 West Broadway

Lincoln, Me. 04457

(207) 794-6337 (office)

(207) 290-0451 (Owner, Frank Nicastro, Mobile)

(207) 290-1432 (Lawn Care Specialist, Eric Dubay, Mobile)




Hogan Tire

Presque Isle


30 Rice St.



249 W. Broadway St.



84 Water St.



135 Bangor St.



257 North St.




Treeline, Inc.

35 Access Rd

Chester, ME 04457





A true 4-season community, Lincoln is a busy place no matter what the season is!  From comedy festivals and the Snowcross races to the Loon Festival, parade, and the Riverdrivers’ Supper, a wide variety of activities will satisfy your craving for fun in a beautiful rural setting.



Penob OffRD Riders.jpg

The local ATV club, Penobscot Off Road Riders, maintain an extensive trail system that offers a wide range of terrain types and difficulty levels. You will not be disappointed in your experiences on these trails. In Lincoln itself, there are several eateries where you can have something to eat and drink while taking a break. Fuel is also available. For more info you can check out their Facebook page by clicking below.  

(Click Here To Access The Penobscot Off-Riders ATV Club Facebook page)

Penobscot OffRoad Riders.jpg


linc snocross.jpg

The Lincoln Snowhounds is the club here that maintain and groom the trails that thousands of riders travel on. Click here to check them out and get information about the trails and any activities they might be hosting, including their annual Snocross races. With great connections to trails around them, one can ride for hours or even days if they choose to. 

(Click Here To Access The Lincoln Snowhounds Club Facebook Page)

lincoln snohounds.jpg


Fishermen at Sunset

Of course, an angler would love this area! With some of the best small-mouth bass fishing in Maine on the Penobscot River, countless hours of rest and relaxation can be enjoyed while wetting a line.

For Boat landings in the Lincoln Lakes area, you can click the link below to access the Town website's "boat landings page" for more information. 

(Click Here To Access The Towns Boat Landings Webpage)





Lincoln has a variety of options for overnight accommodations. There are several motels, camps and lodges, and vacation rentals in the area ready to serve you.  

Cozy Bedroom


Meat Burger and Chips

From quick grab and go establishments and pizza parlors to sit down and relax eateries, Lincoln has just what you need when hunger strikes.  

Woman at Farmers Market

Who doesn’t love fresh food, vegetables and fruit, and home-made goods and crafts? Lincoln hosts a Farmers’ Market every Friday (during warm weather) in the center of town that showcases the wonderful products that make Maine so special. Whether you are craving a nice, relaxing meal or a quicker option, Lincoln offers folks a good range of choices to pick from.

Fruits and Cheese


A salesperson handing a bag to a shopper

With a wide variety of shops and markets to choose from, there are many chances to browse this town’s retail stores.



Curling Iron

If you like to take care of yourself while on vacation, there are places in town to work out, get a massage, or have your hair and nails done as well as an old-fashioned barber shop.