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Welcome to Belgrade

With seven lakes and ponds surrounding this idyllic town, the phrase “Heaven on earth” comes to mind! Magnificent experiences on these waterbodies will inspire the creative side of anyone. In fact, the blockbuster film “On Golden Pond” was adapted from a play written by long-time summer resident Ernest Thompson who had spent summers here. Belgrade’s Great Pond was actually his inspiration for the setting of the play! 

  The population of this town more than doubles during the summer months when part-time residents return to open their camps and enjoy some down time from their busy lives elsewhere. And who wouldn’t want to spend summers here? Natural beauty, the small town feeling and friendly people all work together to create an unforgettable experience. Unsurprisingly, the sport of fishing is foremost in the area’s outdoor activities. In the winter months, the area is alive with those enjoying ice fishing, snowmobiling, cross country skiing:  you name it, if it can be done in the snow and ice, there is probably someone doing it here! Visit Belgrade and you too will discover the magic that has the residents proud of their town, and living in a peace that is rare for this day and age! 


Activities & Events

Water Activities 

belgrade background photo sunset fishermen.jpg

Of course, any place known as an angler’s paradise would have numerous places to wet a line or wet yourself! Kayaking, canoeing, swimming and all thing water are the backbone of this idyllic area. Located near the Village Green, the beach at Long Pond gives folks the chance for easy access to the water to enjoy the activities they love so much. Complete with tables and portable rest facilities, this lovely beach offers countless hours of enjoyment to all who visit it. 

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Village Green Craft Show

Food Fair

The Village Green Craft Show is a summer-long event that culminates the first of October and features a vast array of products and items for shoppers to choose from. Sponsored by the Belgrade Recreation Department, this series helps to fund programs for the community; it is a perfect way for visitors to support the people of the area while buying wares from vendors and taking something special home with them!    

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Farmers Market

Raw Vegetables

Farmers’ Market opens up annually in mid-June as is a splendid chance to experience all that makes these types of markets so special.   

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Festivals & Celebrations


Fourth of July Celebrations, Harvest Festivals, and Holiday Strolls all have a part in the life of this beautiful community.   

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belgrade snowmobile club 2.jpg

​The Belgrade Draggin Masters are the snowmobile club that builds and maintains the trails in this area. A tremendous amount of work goes into making sure riders experience the best of what Maine winters have to offer!

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Skating/Snowshoeing/Cross country skiing 

Belgrade Snowshoe.jpg

This area is definitely a four-seasons fan’s dream come true!    

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Hiking & Biking

Woman Hiking Outdoor

The 7 Lakes Alliance is a wonderful nonprofit organization located in Belgrade that is concerned for the health and quality of the water and land of the area. They have created a 7-trail system that offers people the chance to get some great outdoor exercise while enjoying the beauty around them.    

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Camping & Lodging

Cabin Bedroom

The primary type of lodging available here is rentals of cottages and camps.  

Camp belgrade.jpg


Artisinal Sandwich


Wow! The people in this area sure know how to appease our desires for delicious, creative food!  Fine dining, country stores with oodles and oodles of freshly made sandwiches, a bakery, ice cream, and even food trucks will ensure that you will never go hungry here!

Ice Cream


belgrade park.jpg

Peninsula Park is located in downtown Belgrade and features tables and benches and spots to fish from. This is a great place to bring a lunch and kick back to enjoy the outdoors in a beautiful setting!  

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The Belgrade Village Green is a special spot that is available for public and private gatherings. A gazebo with electric power, stone benches and a great location near many of the town’s attractions makes this a perfect spot for a summertime picnic!   

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Hayden Park, located on Messalonskee Stream across from the boat landing on Messalonskee Lake, also offers a great spot to relax and unwind.  

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belgrade historical society.jpg

The Center for All Seasons hosts an exhibit in the Belgrade Room that shows people what life in the region was like long ago past. You must have an appointment to view it, so it would be a good idea to contact the Historical Society to make sure you can see this interesting exhibit.  And the folks at The Belgrade Historical Society know how to do things right! For example, on recent movie nights, they served refreshments from the Belgrade Grange Cookbook of 1932!     

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Beauty & Fitness

salon belgrade.jpg

There are a few salons in the Belgrade Lakes region, and even more can be found in neighboring communities. 



belgrade shopping.jpg

A wide variety of shops are located throughout the Belgrade area. Specialty shops, general stores, hardware and building centers as well! 

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