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Welcome to Oakland

Oakland is a beautiful, picturesque town that many agree is the gateway to the Belgrade Lakes region.  Originally part of Waterville in the 1800s, manufacturers  petitioned the Maine Legislature to allow their industrial region to become a separate town.  Permission was granted, and on February 26, 1873 it became known as West Waterville before earning its permanent name of Oakland in 1883. It is a “bedroom” community of Augusta and Waterville, and is an easy commute to attractions in those towns/cities as well. 

This town has a deep manufacturing history as well as being known as the “axe capital” of the world.  Its rich past is evidenced by the incredible architecture displayed to this day in the grand buildings of times gone by that still stand strong and proud as a testimony of rugged individuals with big dreams. There are many lovers of history here, and they have worked tirelessly to make sure that all those visiting are enriched by their time spent in their town. 

Visiting Oakland will satisfy the traveler, and help to make connections of not only what it was in the past, but where it will go in the future! 

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