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While there are plenty of Newports in the United States, there is only ONE Newport, Maine! A town of just over 3,100 people, Newport truly is a crossroads community as five Maine roads and highways pass through it. In fact, Newport has the distinction of being the location where the Moosehead Trail begins...and that is where it meets up with the Pine Tree Trail! The beautiful waterbody of Sebasticook Lake is entirely bordered by the town, and is a main attraction of the area. With agriculture playing a signficant part in the town’s formation, it is no surprise that a great American company had its inception here. According to Wikipedia, in 1891 the Aroostook Condensed Milk Company was founded which became the Maine Condensed Milk Company in 1894, before finally settling as Borden's Condensed Milk Company in 1902. The company’s smiling cow, “Elsie,” became a good example of some great branding that is still recognizable to this day. 

  The rural character of this community combined with its proximity to larger cities makes Newport the perfect place to stop, visit and unwind. From winter sports to summer events and activities, this town will have you realizing that the only thing you need here is even more time to stay longer! 



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