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Welcome to Madawaska

Oh, Madawaska!  

 The northernmost town in the state of Maine, has long been known as the heart of the St. John River Valley. In the latest United States census, Madawaska had approximately 2400 French speaking citizens in a town with a population of 3,867, attesting to the strong Acadian culture of this beautiful town and surrounding area. French settlers (known as Acadians) of Nova Scotia moved to the area in 1785 to avoid being deported by the British, and many of their descendants live there to this day. 

   The St. John River cradles the town, and Edmundston, New Brunswick, Canada lies just across the river. The natural beauty of the area is spectacular, and its people are known far and wide for their friendliness and hospitality. When you are fortunate enough to visit this great town, be ready to enjoy a plethora of experiences, each unique in its own way. And the food???? Memorable would be an understatement! 

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