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Welcome to  Pittsfield

Pittsfield is one of Maine’s most idyllic towns. This beautiful community has won several awards by various organizations including one of the prettiest villages in central Maine; one of the 15 best towns in Maine for young families; and it was chosen as one of the top ten best places to live for low crime. With many outdoor activities to take part in, historic places to visit, theater and more, a visit here is just the ticket for some “unwind” time. Its rural character combined with proximity to larger service centers make Pittsfield a wonderful place to visit...and when you do visit, you may want to stay and never leave! 


Events & Activities

Barn Quilts

pittsfirld barn quilt (2).jpg

One of the latest fun attractions in Maine is the barn quilt. Artwork resembling quilts are to be found throughout America, and Pittsfield has quite a few to see and appreciate.

(Check Out Some on The Heart of Pittsfield’s Facebook Page Here)


Farmers Market

Pittsfield farmers market.jpg

During the warmer months, it is no surprise that Pittsfield would host a farmers’ market as it is a natural fit for the landscape the town is nestled in! Located in Hathorn Park, the market is open every Monday afternoon (except holidays) from 2-6 p.m. rain or shine until the end of October. Why not stop in and see all the wonderful things their great farmers and artisans have to offer?     

(Learn More Here At


(Learn More Here On The Pittsfield's Farmers Market Facebook Page)


Hiking, Biking & ATVing

pittsfield biking.jpg

The Pittsfield Rail Trail is 3 miles of gravel surface that is used by ATVs, hikers, and bikers in the summer and by snowmobiles in the winter months. It is considered an easy hike as it is primarily even.  

The Mill Pond Loop Walk is a one-mile trek that takes you through four parks and courses along the Sebasticook River. The trees are even marked to teach you how to identify each species!



pittsfield 4 hayaks.jpg

The Sebasticook River is an excellent waterbody to do some recreating on. The fishing is good there, and paddlers enjoy the different types of scenery they pass by.   

(Learn More From This Nonprofit Organization Website Here)



pittsfiled snowmobiling.jpg


The Pittsfield Driftbusters is the snowmobile club for this area and they maintain the trails to keep them enjoyable and safe. 

(Click Here To Visit Their Facebook Page For More Info)


pittsfield snowboarding man.jpg

The Pinnacle Ski Club is a nonprofit ski and skating area that is operated by volunteers and offers area residents the opportunity to recreate in the outdoors with multiple options. You can even purchase gently used equipment from them if you are just starting to learn to ski! They hold a “Pinnaclefest” which features activities, fun, and ski races for varying levels of skill.

(Visit Them On Facebook Here)




pittsfield camping.jpg

There are several campgrounds near Pittsfield, and there is also a motor lodge and a bed and breakfast to choose from. 

pittsfield camping2.jpg


pittsfield food 4.jpg

No matter what mood you are in you will be able to satisfy your cravings here in Pittsfield! From cafes/bake shops, Asian, American, and of course, pizza why not sample them all? 

pittsfield burger.jpg


pittsfield park.jpg

Manson Park is approximately 48 acres of recreational opportunities for residents and visitors alike. With the Sebasticook River running through it, Manson Park offers plenty of places to enjoy the nature that surrounds this town. Easily accessible, the park is located near the central business district.

(You Can Visit The Town’s Website For More Information Here)

Hathorn Park is located in the center of town and features a bandstand where concerts are held during the summer months. Stein Park is located near the Mill Pond and features the work of the local garden club. Veterans’ Park is located downtown and is a tribute to those who have served our country. There are seven parks total in Pittsfield.    

(Learn More By Visiting The Town’s Website)


Museums/ Music & The Arts

pittsfield ballet.jpg

Located at Maine Central Institute, the famous Bossov School of Ballet trains students from around the world. Many wonderful performances are offered to the public in various venues.   

(You Can Visit The School’s Facebook Page Here)

The Depot Museum is a former railroad station built in 1888 by Maine Central Railroad. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this building is beautifully preserved and features artifacts from the Civil War, railroad, and the Lancey House. The Pittsfield Historical Society is caretaking this wonderful building.   

(Visit Them By Clicking Here)

The Pittsfield Community Theater is operated by the town itself and offers not only movies, but theater as well as musical events.  



pittsfield shopping.jpg

If you enjoy a good day filled with exploring shops and stores, you will enjoy your time spent in this lovely town.



pittsfield beauty.jpg

When it’s time to relax, get a new do or spend hours at a day spa...doesn’t that sound just divine?



Pittsfield transportation.jpg

The Pittsfield Municipal Airport features a 4,000 foot runway that can accommodate many types of aircraft, including light jets. There is even seaplane access from the Sebasticook River at the south end of the field.  Many recreational activities take place at this airport, including skydiving and flight lessons!  

(Visit The Town’s Website For More Information)

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