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Welcome to Van Buren

This town is named for President Martin Van Buren and is known as the southern gateway of the Saint John Valley. With neighboring Canada a stone’s throw away, it is no surprise that there in a great deal of Acadian influence here. In fact, nearly 75% of its people speak French! A beautiful town on the magnificent St. John River, a stop here will not disappoint you as you travel the Pine Tree Trail! 


Events & Activities

The “Maine Tribute Moose”

Girl Taking a Photo

The “Maine Tribute Moose” is not just a statue of Maine’s state animal; it is a presentation of MANY items that represent the Pine Tree state, including a Maine Coon Cat and the soft drink Moxie.  Made of bronze and standing a whopping eleven feet tall, this moose has served as a backdrop for countless photos through the years. The moose can be found at the entrance to the new U.S. Customs and Border Protection port of entry in Van Buren.


Aerial Forest

What beautiful country to ride your machines in! With nature all around you, it is a good bet that you will see some wildlife on your ride! The Valley ATV Riders is the club responsible for the conditions and safety of the trails in this area.

(Click Here To Visit The Valley ATV Riders Facebook Page For More Info)

Hiking & Biking

Cyclist on Break

The Bangor and Aroostook Trail begins in Van Buren and travels for 62.3 miles through northern Maine forests where companies are logging. There is a good chance that you will see plenty of wildlife on your journey!  


The Split Cedar Trail Network is a great chance to get some matter what your “skill” level is!  Bikers, hikers, and cross-country skiers will relish their time in the great outdoors on the four trails that comprise this network.   


Gateway Snowmobile Club.jpg

The Gateway Snowmobile Club is responsible for the trails in this area. Many people don’t realize all the countless hours and hard work that goes into maintaining the trails to make sure riders get the maximum enjoyment on the snow.  This club has pictures on their Facebook page showing the effort they put forth to safeguard the integrity of the trails.

(Click Here To Check Out The Gateway Snowmobile Club Facebook Page For More Info)

Gateway Snowmobile Club  2 Van Buren.jpg


Couple on Vacation

There is a family owned and operated inn here. Neighboring Madawaska also has accommodations as well. 




There is a take-out and diner for you to fill up while you are here.

Sharing Breakfast


Fit Woman

There is an Athletic Club and a Women’s Fitness Center as well as salons so you can pamper yourself while you visit! 



Girls with Shopping Bags

If you want to pick up something to take home with you, there are stores, shops, and even a trading post for you to do so!

Town Contact
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