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Welcome to Winn

The town of Winn makes its home on the East Banks of the Penobscot River. It was first settled by Joeseph Snow in 1820, the same year Maine’s received its own statehood. Originally known as Snowville, the name was changed to Five Islands Plantation before the final name of Winn was selected in 1857. 

As with early rural Maine towns, Winn became a thriving community complete with a tannery and supporting local businesses.  The tannery was the second largest in the world, but tragically burned in 1892. While the town’s size has declined since, many people still call Winn home.  The Haynes family, prominent business people in the forest products industry, have been mainstays in the area, providing jobs for hundreds of area people through the decades.  They also gifted beautiful property directly on the Penobscot River to be used as a boat launch and picnic area that is used and appreciated by visitors and locals alike. H. C. Haynes, Inc. was one of the first Trailblazers to donate $1,000 toward Maine D. O. T. approved Pine Tree Trail signs.  





It is quite obvious that anyone with a watercraft would love to travel this waterway for the sheer enjoyment of it! Make sure to bring your cameras, as the sights are awesome and wildlife could be anywhere!



With the above mentioned boat launch and picnic area directly off the Trail, you can easily put in and head up or down the Penobscot River in search of “The Big One,” If you want to just enjoy a tasty meal in one of the most beautiful settings around, plan to check it out; just make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to unwind and take it all in!


 ATVing & Snowmobiling


Those who live in this area appreciate all the hard work that local clubs put into their snowmobile and ATV trails. For years, Dwinal Pond 4 Seasons Club has taken on a tremendous number of trails to care for.  Riders will love the many types of riding here, and you can connect easily to other clubs’ trails for long journeys or short jaunts. 

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 H. C. Haynes Inc. is located here in Winn. Thanks to their financial support, and other businesses/individuals like them, the nearly 500-mile Pine Tree Trail will be recognized once again. 

H.C. Haynes Inc.


40 Route 168
P.O. Box 96
Winn, ME 04495-0096
Tel: 207-736-3412
Fax: 207-736-2900


975 South Chester Road
Chester Maine 04457
Tel: 207 794-1080 or 794-1081
Fax: 794-1079


980 South Chester Road
Chester, ME 04457
Tel: 207-290-0818
Hours 4 am - 4 pm M-F • Scaling Hours 6 am - 3 pm M-F



Fried Chicken Wings

There is a general store open year-round, and a take-out open during the summer months. 

Organic Eggs
Fresh Milk
Orange Juice

Town Contact

Mobile Phone


Dial 911 for emergency services

Town Office Phone and Fax:  (207) 736-7111 
Mailing Address : Town of Winn     
P.O. Box 98     
Winn, Maine 04495

(Click Here To Access The Winn Town Office Web Page For More Info)

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