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Welcome to Waterville!

Elm City. Named for the trees that stood proudly and served as a backdrop as this beautiful community grew, Waterville today boasts one of the most diverse and unique downtowns in all of Maine.  A perfect blend of all things interesting, there are seven buildings there that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and the wide array of shops and restaurants that coexist with them create a charming and uplifting landscape. A well-rounded city, Thomas College and Colby College call it home and bring a multitude of cultural, arts, historical, and musical activities to Waterville’s growing creative scene. 

 In addition to all this, visitors can enjoy the outdoor experience that Waterville has fostered in its trails and activities. It’s guaranteed to get your blood pumping while you take in nature! When you combine everything that the Elm City has to offer, you will see that the stop here was worth the trip! 



Activities & Attractions


The Two Cent Bridge

The Two Cent Bridge crosses the Kennebec River and connects Waterville to Winslow on the other side. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this wire cable steel suspension bridge is being lovingly cared for by local nonprofits to ensure that it can be enjoyed for years to come. It is one of the oldest surviving bridges of its type, and is a must-see when you visit Waterville.  

(Learn More About It Here)



Hiking/ Biking

hiking wtvl.jpg

The Inland Woods Trails and Pine Ridge Loop is a nearly 6.4-mile network of trails for all types of recreating. With varying levels of difficulty, you will surely find a trail that suits your needs! 

​The Perkins Yellow and Red Loop is a four-season trail at Colby College’s Perkins Arboretum. This 128-acre is also a bird sanctuary and is open to both summer and winter recreating.  Trails are groomed in the winter and athletes from the area train on them. Summertime sees traffic flow on foot or bicycle, and some even walk with pets.

(Learn More By Visiting Here)

The Quarry Road Recreation Area is a 200+ acre recreation area that is owned by the City of Waterville. In cooperation with the nonprofit Friends of Quarry Road, Waterville provides residents and visitors alike the opportunity to recreate outside in Maine’s fresh air. Their successful Summer Running Series hosts races every week for adults and Fun Runs for children.

(Learn More By Visiting Their Website)



snowmobining wtvl.jpg

The Central Maine Snowmobile Club is the caretaker of this area’s snowmobile trails. They are concerned with safety and make sure that the trails you travel on will not only be enjoyable, but safe as well!   

(Visit Them On Facebook By Clicking Here)


Cross-Country Skiing & Snowshoeing

wtvl snowshoeing.jpg

Many of the trails in this area are also open to cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. The people of this area really want you to have a great time in the winter on their trails:  they even feature snowmaking to ensure your experience is top-notch! 




wtvl lodging.jpg

Take your pick! Waterville offers a good variety of establishments for you to kick back and recharge while you visit this lovely city. National brand hotels, cozy inns, and many more choices are just a booking away! 

lodging wtvl 2.jpg


food2 wtvl.jpg

What a terrific city to enjoy food in! Waterville offers everything you can imagine to please your palate: fine dining, trendy, brew pubs, American, Asian, Lebanese, pizza, subs, diners, bakeries....the list goes on and on. Make sure you are hungry when you visit! 

food wtvl.jpg


park wtvl.jpg

Waterville has many parks and quite a few of them have playgrounds.  

(Visit The City’s Website To Learn More)

Veterans Memorial Park was erected in 1999 by the Bourque Lanigan Post 5 American Legion. It features several markers within steps of it, including the Waterville Maine WW1 marker and the Waterville Maine Civil War Memorial.    

(Learn More At The Historical Marker Database Website)


​The North Street Recreation Area is complete with playgrounds, a pool, picnic shelters, and many athletic facilities.

(Click Here For More Information)


Museums, Music & the Arts, Attractions

wtvl art.jpg

Imagine 8,000 different types of art all gathered in a 38,000-square foot facility! The Colby College Museum of Art offers just that! Spend the day viewing and reflecting on what you have seen and enjoy yourself as you take those memories home with you.   

(Learn More By Clicking Here)

The Redington Museum is the home of the Waterville Historical Society and is filled with beautiful and amazing articles from the past. The museum has an apothecary, parlor, dining room, a hall, and display rooms for its items.

 (Click Here To Visit The Historical Society’s Website) 


The Children’s Discovery Museum is a fantastic opportunity to have fun with your children while you both learn! This new building has too many features to mention, and you can tell that it was designed with play, education, and fun in mind.

(Visit The Museum’s Website Here)


(On Facebook Here)


The Waterville Opera House offers over 100 incredible events a year, from theater to nationally known musical artists, comedians to youth programs. Since 1902 the Opera House has been delighting area people and visitors alike, and it is sure to please you as well.  In 2022, The Glenn Miller Orchestra and Lorrie Morgan are just a glimpse of the world-class talent that will take the stage to delight audiences.

(Visit Them Here To Learn More)


Waterville is fortunate to have thriving downtown community that works side by side with nonprofits to offer a variety of summer music concerts. Waterville Rocks is such an event and is a successful collaboration between businesses and others to offer performances that will leave people wanting more.

(Learn More By Visiting Their Website Here)


The Maine Film Center works hand and glove with the Railroad Square Cinema to bring all types of film to central Maine. As stated on their website, they are “the state’s only Sundance Art House Project cinema.”   

(See What They Offer By Clicking Here)



Beauty/ Fitness

Waterville beauty.jpg

Spas, salons, gyms and more are available here for those who want to get some exercise or a new “do” while they are in Waterville. Why not create a fresh look while you are here? 



wtvl shopping.jpg

If ever there was a city that offered an almost unlimited variety of shops, Waterville is it! You could spend days just visiting all the neat places folks with great imaginations have created for you to browse in. 

wtvl shop 2.jpg


wtvl bus.jpg

Public transportation is available in the Waterville/Augusta region by the Kennebec Valley Community Action Program.    

(You Can Visit Them Here For More Information)

wtvl uber.jpg

As with all cities, there are rental vehicles, taxis and Ubers available as well. 

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