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Welcome to Auburn

Sitting on the banks of the Androscoggin River with its sister city Lewiston nestled on the other side, Auburn serves as the county seat of Androscoggin County. These two cities could actually have been showcased on this website as a “unit” as the amazing relationship of respect and cooperation between the two is an example of what success looks like.  

Auburn grew through the early years by annexing parcels of land from neighboring towns, until it became one of Maine’s largest cities. When combined with Lewiston, the two cities are the second largest metropolitan area in the state. Auburn is also the home of the Good Shepherd Food Bank, the largest supplier of food to the needy in the state of Maine.

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Originally an agricultural area, the arrival of the railroad and the power of the river fostered an industrial turn to the city, and Auburn became one of the state’s largest shoe producers. Other mills were also built that made bricks, textiles, carriages and more. Today, Auburn is a mixture of things past, present, and future. There are still manufacturing companies as well as service sector jobs, education jobs, and everything “online” as well. It is evident that the city cares for the health of its residents as there are community gardens popping up in many places! The food scene here is rich in “farm to table” experiences that hearken one back to the roots of this lovely city. Plan a visit to Auburn soon, and enjoy everything this city has to offer! 


Events & Attractions

Winter Festival

Couple in Winter Clothes

The Winter Festival is held at the end of January every year and is filled with fantastic activities to keep you hopping! 

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New Years Festival

new years auburn.jpg

Auburn is an amazing place to be on New Year’s Eve! Held in the heart of downtown, this event showcases the restaurants, pubs, bars, and all things delicious while they countdown to the new year. They even host a great selection of food trucks from all over Maine as well! If you like to eat and drink and have a great time, this might be a festival you don’t want to miss!   

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Skiing/Boarding/Snowshoeing/Fat Biking 

snowboarding auburn 2.jpg

Lost Valley Ski area is a magnet for those wanting to fly down the slopes in the frigid winter air, whether it is on two slim boards or one wide one! Why not try fat biking for a new experience? Snowshoeing is fun and addictive and a fantastic way to get some good exercise. And many of Auburn’s walking trails are also available for cross-country skiing as well.    

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Atving auburn.jpg

The Pine Tree Trailriders are the ATV club for the local area.  

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Snowmobiling auburn.jpg


The Auburn Sno-groomers are the snowmobile club in this area that build and maintain the trails so others can glide and slide comfortably on their machines.  

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water auburn.jpg

For those who love to paddle, the Androscoggin Land Trust have several events that folks would enjoy. From watching hot air balloons on the water to a “Paddle After Hours” weekly event, this group has figured out how to offer the best to water lovers! 

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Auburn does not have many access points to launch boats, but their website directs people on how to access the ones that are available.   

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Walking & Biking

Wearing a Helmet

Activity refreshes not only one’s body, but mind as well.  Auburn has a large selection of trails that those who like to move can check out. If you love guided nature tours, this nonprofit will fill your yearning.

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The city’s Riverwalk is a beautiful way to see both Auburn and Lewiston from the vantage point of the Androscoggin River.

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The Whitman Spring Road Trail runs along the northwestern side of Lake Auburn and is a great trail to walk and bike on. When the snow flies, it is used for cross-country skiing and is also part of a network of snowmobile trails.

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The City of Auburn’s website gives a good overview of what is available for outdoor recreation in this area.   

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auburn lodging.jpg

As stated earlier, Auburn and Lewiston are sister cities and share many amenities with visitors of each town. From national chain hotels to cozy inns, you will find plenty of choices to stay when you visit this area. 

auburn hotel.jpg


food auburn.jpg


Brew pubs. Cafes. Fine Dining. Pizza. Mexican. Asian. Italian. American. One could go on and on when listing the types of eateries Auburn has to offer. They should offer food tours! Make sure you are hungry when visiting here... 

food auburn 2.jpg


A Walk in the Park

This city has an amazing array of parks for you to enjoy, including Veterans’ Park. In fact, they are too numerous to name them all here! 

(Visit The City’s Website To See The Entire List)




museum auburn.jpg

The City of Auburn’s last one-room schoolhouse, The West Auburn School, is cared for and maintained by The Androscoggin Historical Society. The Society has done a fantastic job gathering and maintaining items from the past, and their museum is full of interesting artifacts to marvel at.   

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The Auburn Fire Department Museum houses firefighting equipment from the past, and is a great way to learn about the tools of past heroes.   

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Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Engine House is an impressive brick building that was built in 1879. It served as Auburn’s downtown fire station, and is one of only a few fire stations in Maine such as this to still be in existence. Some people even believe it is haunted! 


The Arts

Auburn/Lewiston has a vibrant and very active arts scene. There are galleries and exhibits as well as an actual Art Walk.   

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Arts auburn.jpg

Music is a big part of the Auburn-Lewiston area. With concerts and many restaurants/bars/pubs offering live entertainment, the music scene here is definitely alive and well! The Auburn Community Band offers listeners a wide choice of concerts to enjoy. Offered weekly on Wednesday evenings throughout the summer, Festival Plaza comes alive with the beautiful music this band plays. 

(To See The Schedule And Learn More, Visit Them On Their Website Here)


The Community Little Theater offers an impressive variety of events for all to enjoy. Who doesn’t love a musical?    

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Beauty & Fitness


If you want to pamper yourself while you are in Auburn, there are many salons and barber shops to get “spruced” up in, as well as plenty of gyms. There is even a salon that does just nails! And why not really pamper yourself and get a massage?  One thing is for sure: Auburn aims to please! 



Auburn shopping.jpg

There is a wide range of shops and stores to visit while you are in Auburn. With unique, privately owned shops and boutiques with antiques, gourmet food items, and jewelry (just to name a few), a day of shopping here is sure to satisfy that desire in us to have a little something new. There are also several malls that offer shoppers a wide range of goods to pick from.




The Auburn-Lewiston Airport is owned and operated by the two cities as a nonprofit. All types of traffic are the norm here, with an impressive amount of it being corporate.   

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The unique working relationship between Auburn and Lewiston is even evident in public transportation. You can access just about any point in the cities using this system.     

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As with all large, metropolitan areas, taxis are always available, and nowadays, there are Ubers!


The downtown area of Auburn has time limits on parking spaces that are strictly enforced.       

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