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Welcome to PORTLAND!

Maine’s largest city...Portland!

   Known as Forest City, the Pine Tree Trail gets its start (or ending, depending on your direction of travel!) on Forest Avenue. Over half a million people work and live in its metropolitan area. While the economy is currently dominated by tourism and service sector jobs, it still has a busy waterfront that supports marine industries and commercial shipping. Located just over 100 miles from Boston, Portland is the beginning point of the Southern part of the Pine Tree Trail. For those who love and long for the sea, the experience that is Portland will not only satisfy that yen but will leave lasting memories that lure one back time and time again.  America’s 20th largest fishing port is also the closest transatlantic port to Europe.    

While many people assume that Portland, Maine was named after Portland, Oregon, the opposite is true. Asa Lovejoy of Boston and Francis Pettygrove of Portland, Maine each felt that they should use their hometowns’ name as the moniker for the community on the west coast. They decided it by a coin toss: Pettygrove won, and Portland, Oregon was born. THIS Portland is truly a jewel cradled by the sapphire blue Atlantic.  For more information, check out,_Maine   



Portland Wine Week

Woman at Vineyard

An entire industry and its culture have evolved from the love of wine. From the simple pleasure of the casual sipper to the intensity of a connoisseur, all palates will be satisfied in this lovely city. In fact, there is also a week-long wine festival every June!  Portland Wine Week has everything one could want: pairings, seminars, even wine sails!  

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Making Wine
Wine Toasting
Glasses of wine

The Maine Outdoor Film Festival

Cameraman with Movie Camera

The Maine Outdoor Film Festival is held every year in late July through mid-August.

(You Can Visit Their Website By Clicking Here)


Harvest On The Harbor

Chef Portland.jpg

Harvest on the Harbor is an annual event that takes place in October and features everything one can imagine for a food and drink festival. With Portland continuing to race to the top of the culinary world’s best food scenes, it is no wonder that so many world-renowned chefs and food critics make this a must-attend event in their busy schedules!

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You should never hear the words “I'm bored” anywhere near this city! In fact, it might not be possible for one person to take everything in that Forest City offers. Walking tours. Artisan and farmers' markets. Fitness. The list goes on and on. The great news is that you don’t have to worry about not finding anything to do! 


Walking Tours 


The popularity of walking tours has exploded in recent years, and why wouldn’t it? With so many people working in a sedentary manner, the chance to learn/experience new and exciting things while getting much appreciated exercise is a great, “2 for 1” deal! There are walking tours for just about every interest.   

(Here's An Excellent Website To Visit To Learn All About This Awesome City)



Self Guided Walking Tours 

VR Goggles

With today’s technology, you can actually do a tour “virtually” as you stroll, or do it from any location before you get there! Whether on foot or online, Portland awaits you!  

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Sea Tours



There are a multitude of companies that offer cruises on the sea. Why not spend the day on Casco Bay? You can even climb aboard a lobster boat and catch your own dinner!


Hiking/ Biking

Biking Together

For those who love to hike and bike, Portland offers at least 18 trails to do so on!

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Ice Skating

Ice Skating Together

For those who love to float by on ice or those who love to get a good, fast-paced workout Portland provides just what you need to accomplish your mission. Check out the city’s website to find out where all the ice happens!

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Pine Tree Trailblazers

Machias Savings Bank has one of their branches here in Portland.

Thanks to their support in raising funds for the new Pine Tree Trail route signage!

(For more Trailblazer info click here)



blue hotel room.jpg

From large, national chain hotels to bed and breakfasts and airbnbs, there are almost limitless choices for you to pick from when it comes to getting a relaxing night’s sleep in the Forest City. Why not spend a night in each category?

Breakfast in Bed


Enjoying a Meal

Portland has a dynamic culinary scene that keeps foodies coming back time and time again.  In fact, Bon Appetit named Portland the Restaurant City of the Year in 2018. A city on the water, Portland rightfully boasts some of the freshest, most flavorful seafood available anywhere, and its abundant fish markets attest to that fact.  The city’s dining scene is replete with every type of seafood available locally, and it's served up either plain with sophistication, or “dressed up” creatively by chefs with unlimited imagination and perfected palates. World class restaurants piloted by world class chef “captains” are catapulting Portland into the limelight as one of the nation’s premiere culinary treasures! 

Gourmet portland.jpg


 Look What's Brewing

In Portland!

Beer Brewery Machine


Portland also has a large and vibrant brewing community for those who appreciate not only the potable itself, but the versatility and uniqueness that each unique quaff offers. Though small by “city” standards, Portland is the home to 16 breweries making it known as “America’s Craft Beer Capital.” Now known nationally for its craftsmanship and quality, Portland is a beer lover’s dream come true.


Barley Grains
Beer Maker
Beer Samplers


Relaxing in Park

Portland has mastered the art of balancing an upscale, urban city with an incredible selection of parks, trails, and playgrounds to keep its people and visitors alike moving in a healthy fashion! By visiting Portland’s website, you can connect to information that will help you decide what your activity of the day will be!

(Visit Them By Clicking Here To Begin Your Journey To Wellness!)



Bug Light Park 

bug light.jpg

Located at the eastern end of the Greenbelt Walkway in South Portland, Bug Light Park is where Liberty Ships were made during WWII. The South Portland Historical Society and Museum makes its home there at the entrance to the park.  

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Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse

Spring Point Ledge South Portland.jpg

The Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse in South Portland is located on a breakwater and visitors can actually walk to it!

(Learn More By Visiting The Nonprofit Caring For It Here)

For those who love to learn about our military history, Battery Steele is a wonderful example of nonprofits working tirelessly to preserve fascinating things from the past.

Now listed in the National Register, you can visit this website to see what these volunteers have done:

(Click Here To Check Them OuT)

Portland Head Lighthouse

Portland Head.jpg

Nothing speaks the ocean like a lighthouse, and Maine is home to 65 of them! Perhaps one of the most famous of them is the oldest of them all: Portland Head Lighthouse. Located just mere miles from downtown Portland in Cape Elizabeth at Fort Williams Park, this magnificent example of a sentry on the ocean was built back when George Washington was president. This lighthouse is definitely one of the most photographed spots in the entire state.

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Museums/ Arts/ Culture


The Portland Symphony Orchestra is a phenomenal organization that performs a wide array of music that will energize you and at the same time, grant you peace. It’s like filling a hole with the substance that one needs to complete themselves! From Christmas and Youth concerts to pop and classical, the wide range of music to experience is amazing. 

(Visit Their Website By Clicking Here)

  You can also hear them play the Ukrainian National Anthem at this link on YouTube:

(Portland Symphony Orchestra performs the State Anthem of Ukraine)

The Kotzschmar Memorial Organ, is located in Merrill Auditorium. According to Wikipedia, “Built in 1911 by the Austin Organ Co. as Opus 323, the Kotzschmar Organ was the second-largest organ in the world at the time, and it remains the largest organ in Maine today.” A nonprofit organization cares for its restoration and small feat!

(You Can Visit Them By Clicking Here)


And speaking of Merrill Auditorium, this lovely facility is the perfect venue for theatrical productions, concerts, comedies, and even corporate functions!

(You Can Learn More About What Is Happening There By Clicking Here)


Wow! The Childrens’ Museum and Theater is a great place to spend time filling your mind with a wide range of knowledge. This amazing facility has everything one would want in a fantastic learning experience for everyone...not just kids! Visit this nonprofit’s website to learn more about how they make learning a blast!

(Click Here)


For those who appreciate everything art, the Portland Museum of Art stands as a beacon in a city that is a work of art itself! Exhibits, lectures, and much, much more await the lucky individual who passes through their doors.

(Click To Learn More From Their Website)


The Henry Wadsworth Longfellow House on Congress Street is a must visit for history buffs. You can learn more by visiting the website:

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The Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad Company and Museum is a wonderful opportunity to ride a train and learn some history at the same time! They even have specialty rides you can take part in.

(Check Out This Organization’s Website To Learn More)

The Portland Observatory is an 86-foot-tall octagonal tower located on Munjoy Hill. Built in 1807 by Captain Lemuel Moody, this site is an incredible piece of history. As the website for the group maintaining it says: “The Portland Observatory is the only remaining historic maritime signal station in the United States. As an intact survivor from the Golden Age of Sail, the Observatory was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1972, became a National Historic Landmark in 2006, and named a National Civil Engineering Landmark in 2006. It celebrated its 200th anniversary in 2007.”

(Click To Learn More From Their Website)



Fitness/ Beauty


Every type of fitness and beauty establishment you can imagine is available in Portland. For those who love to feel and look their best, Portland spas, salons, and fitness centers can help you maintain your goals while you visit and enjoy yourself! So, if you want to have that decadent dessert, go ahead: they’ll be waiting for you in the gym! And don’t worry if the salt air makes your hair look like you are Medusa’s sister: a huge selection of salons will have your locks back in shape in no time! 




If one’s goal was to spend time in every store/shop in Portland, they would have to plan on staying for weeks! The city’s retail/commercial scene is as varied and vibrant as everything else Portland has to offer. The historic Old Port is an absolute treasure with its beautiful brick buildings and cobblestone streets. Every corner of Portland has something for those wishing to spend not only time, but funds to purchase merchants’ offerings that will remind them of the Portland Experience. 



Empty Bus

Portland is a very accessible city whether you are driving, flying, or arriving by rail. If you like to take the bus to those special spots, the Metro provides bus transportation all around the city. 

(Click Here For More Info)


If you are coming into the area by airplane, you will be passing through the Portland International Jetport. To discover more about what they have to offer, visit them here:

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For those wishing to travel by rail, the “Downeaster” of Amtrack runs between Portland and Boston. Learn more by clicking this link:

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Since Portland is bound by the sea on one side, you may travel by ferry as several are available in the area.  

If you are arriving in your own personal vehicle, here is a link to the city’s parking availability site:

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Taxi Driver and Passenger

As with all cities, there are rental vehicles, taxis and Ubers available as well. 

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