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Welcome to Presque Isle

Presque Isle is Aroostook County’s largest city and serves as the area’s commercial center. Its proximity to Canada and the location of the Aroostook Centre Mall makes it a natural for both American and Canadian shoppers. The federally recognized tribe, the Aroostook Band of Micmac, have their headquarters here. Known as “Star City,” a wonderful mix of agriculture combined with three colleges/universities makes for a diverse group of people working together to make Presque Isle a great place to live...and also, to visit! 


 Activities & Events

 One thing is sure: Presque Isle is a happening place and has a plethora of activities to take part in. What a great place to visit...and live!



Quad Biking

If you love the great outdoors and enjoy seeing lots of beautiful, backwoods country,  then this area is a must visit. Hop on your machines and enjoy the fresh air, wildlife, and views you will find here, thanks to the Star City ATV club. Active in the community they serve, you will find the club busy with helping hands whenever help is needed.

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Presque Isle Farmers’ Market

Crate of Vegetables

The Presque Isle Farmers’ Market operates on Saturday mornings during warmer months, and is a great chance to visit local farmers, crafters, and vendors. 

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Fiddlehead Festival

Vegetable Pakoras

Oh, the wondrous, delicious joys of fiddleheads! Maine people adore these lovely young green ferns and they have become an iconic part of Maine that only appears in May when the waters recede as spring erupts. In fact, they are so well-loved that there is a festival held dedicated to them! Picking and cooking these delicacies in competition form is a way to earn bragging rights! The city even puts on fireworks for all to enjoy!

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Acoustic Guitar

For music lovers, the city of Presque Isle offers a variety of musical events to enjoy.  

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Tennis Balls

For those who love to play tennis, Mantle Lake Park has courts available as well as picnicking areas to enjoy. 

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Aroostook State Park offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy the water. Swimming and boating can be enjoyed and then followed with a delicious picnic on the beautiful grounds.  

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The Arnold Brook Lake is a man-made waterbody and is perfect for small crafts and also picnics!

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Bike Trip

The Potato Country Bike Loops are a collection of trails that will give riders some of the most beautiful areas of potato country to ride in. 

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Man Hiking in Wilderness

Presque Isle has some of the most varied hiking opportunities in the area. With several degrees of difficulty, everyone is sure to find a trail that suits their needs and fitness level! 


The Presque Isle Bicycle Pedestrian Walkway is a 1.5-mile trail that is suitable for hiking, biking, inline skating, and cross-country skiing. 

The Aroostook Valley Trail plays a huge role in life in the County and opportunity for residents and visitors alike to be active. Nearly 30 miles long, it traverses through towns but most of it is backcountry and one should be prepared before setting out. A multi-use trail, it is used by many people on sleds, ATVs, even dogsleds!


Scopan Mountain is a little way away from Presque Isle, but is worth the trip. Some parts of the trail are difficult, but the views are worth it.  

Part of Aroostook State Park, Quaggy Jo Mountain is a nearly 3-mile trek that offers easy, medium, and advanced levels of difficulty. Some parts of the trail actually cover private property, so people are asked to use respect with these trails as with all trails in general.   


The Nordic Heritage Outdoor Center offers people the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in a variety of ways. From ATVs and Snowmobiles, to hiking, biking, and everything in between, they help keep everyone up and moving in the Great White North!     

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PI night groomer new jppeg.jpg


When the snow flies, Presque Isle morphs into a winter paradise for those who love to ride their sleds. It is a well-known fact that Aroostook County and Presque Isle are premiere destinations for travelers all across New England. All it takes is a few minutes on the trails to see why! The Presque Isle Snowmobile Club ensures that your ride in this area will be one to remember.  Not only do they tend the trails, they also play a big part in the community and rent out their beautiful clubhouse. 

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(You Can Check Out Their Facebook Page By Clicking Here)

PI snow club jpeg.jpg


Ice Skates

Those who love to skate are fortunate that Presque Isle has not one, but two venues to hit the ice and practice their moves. The Forum is an indoor arena that is run and maintained by the Presque Isle Recreation Department. Surfaced with ice during the winter months, the Forum serves as a location for all types of events to be held in warmer months.

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The Riverside Park Ice Rink is an outdoor rink for all to enjoy.


Aroostook State Park is a winter lover’s dream spot! Not only does it have a warming hut, it has 15 miles of ski trails, 6 miles of snowshoeing trails, sliding, and skating on the lake (when conditions allow). And get this: they allow winter camping, too!

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 The Quoggy Jo Ski Center is a nonprofit organization that is staffed by volunteers. Their mission is to provide affordable opportunities for people to enjoy skiing in Maine’s natural beauty.

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Pine Tree Trailblazers

Hogan Tire & Machias Savings Bank both have one of their businesses here in Presque Isle. Thanks to their support of donating to pay for Maine DOT signs, and others like them, the nearly 500-mile Pine Tree Trail will be re-signed once again!


Presque Isle 

9 Dyer Street
Presque Isle, ME 04769

(207) 768-3222



Hotel Room

Whether you want to stay in traditional hotel, motels, and inns or if you want to visit campgrounds you will have plenty of establishments to choose from in the city of Presque Isle and the surrounding area! 

Camping in the Woods


Dining Table

Italian. Asian. Pubs. Country-style. Take-outs. Cafes. Bakeries. Locally-owned and national chains all have a place in this city. Why not spend a week here just tasting the great food of Aroostook County?! 

Party Food


Picnic Basket

Who doesn’t love a picnic? For some unknown reason, food just seems to taste better when eaten outside! And the way people seem to be enjoying activities that were common in the “old days,” we just might see a resurgence of the humble picnic. Who knows? Perhaps gourmet meals will someday be served at quaint little picnic tables all around the state!  

Mantle Lake Park is lovely and has too many amenities to mention. Suffice it to say, it is a beautiful spot to spend some time with friends and loved ones while enjoying a picnic in beautiful surroundings.

(Click Here To Visit The Presque Isle Rec Department For More Info)   

Arnold Brook Lake offers a picnic area as well:

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Aroostook State Park is a natural choice for those who love to dine outside. 

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Planet and Moon

There are plenty of things to see and do in Presque Isle, that is a sure thing! Check out the offerings below to see just how much this city has to offer both residents and visitors! 

Maine Solar System Models can be visited all throughout Aroostook County, but here in Presque Isle you will find the planet Uranus and the beginning/end of the 100-mile route. Thanks to the University of Maine at Presque Isle and the people of the community, this project is a great chance for everyone to learn more about our solar system.

(Visit Their Website By Clicking Here)


How about visiting the Double Eagle II Balloon site while you are here? The site may be small, but the replica of the balloon used is thought-provoking and imagination tingling!

For more information, visit the Presque Isle Recreation and Parks site:

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The Presque Isle Historical Society offers guided tours of the city in many different fashions. Walking tours, “Molly the Trolley” tours, Mystery History Tours, Haunted Tours (can you say “Halloween?”). They operate the 1875 Vera Estey House Museum and have renovated the Maysville Grange building which is now used as a museum.

Learn more about this very active, fantastic group on Facebook:

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The Northern Maine Museum of Science is housed on the University of Maine’s campus. One can explore topics from biology, mathematics, and physical science, to astronomy, chemistry, geology, forestry and agriculture.

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The Presque Isle Air Museum is located at the Northern Maine Regional Airport, at the site of the once active Presque Isle Army Airfield and Air Force Base.

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Saleswoman in Boutique Store

A variety of shops and stores are ready to showcase their wares to locals and visitors alike. From the Aroostook Centre Mall to cozy spots around town, if you like to browse and select great products, you will want to spend some time here...indeed! 




It is evident that the folks of this area have plenty of opportunities to stay (or get) fit! Not only are there an abundance of outdoor activities to take part in, but there are a good deal of fitness centers here too! And don’t forget to enjoy some time being pampered at the local salons and spas while you are at it!



United Air.jpg

The Presque Isle International Airport is currently served by United Airlines and offers many services to those wishing to travel into and out of Presque Isle.     

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If you want to take the local buses that run in the County, check out their schedules here:     

(The Website)

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