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Welcome to Bangor!

Bangor:  Maine’s “Queen City.” For those who live in Northern, Eastern, and Central Maine, this city is a huge part of life in the northern end of the state as it has been for centuries. The third largest city in Maine is the center of commerce, culture, and healthcare for those living in the north country. Built on the banks of the mighty Penobscot River, this city was built in part by businesses who used the river to transport goods, and many fortunes were made here.

   In the past, Bangor was known for being a shipbuilding community as well as a major player in the lumbering trade. In fact, many of the magnificent homes that were built by the “lumber barons” still stand today and are used primarily as office buildings. And speaking of architecture: Bangor is one of those Maine cities that has an incredible array of old buildings that add to the city’s beauty by embracing the past. Combine this with the modern amenities of new construction and a multitude of shopping malls, and it is easy to see why so many people from neighboring Canada consider Bangor a must-visit shopping destination. One thing is sure: if you are going to visit the Queen City, you might want to plan on staying several days if not a week to take in all Bangor has to offer! 

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Hiking/ Biking

bangor hiking.jpg

Bangor has miles and miles of trails to recreate on, and many of these have picnic areas as well. City Forest is one the favorites as it is perfect for many types of recreating year-round!  

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The Bangor Land Trust is a nonprofit organization that works to conserve its 800 acres in the Bangor area and give people the opportunity to enjoy nature.  

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Bangor Land Trust




Mount Hope Cemetery

Mt. hope.JPG

The nearly 300-acre Mount Hope Cemetery is one of the largest garden cemeteries in the United States and was featured in the movie “Pet Sematary,” based on a novel by Bangor author Stephen King. It also is the resting place to many notables, including the infamous Al Brady who lies in a grave that was unmarked until 2007. The Bangor Historical Society offers tours there as well as a multitude of others.  

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Paul Bunyan statue


The Paul Bunyan statue is one of Bangor’s most iconic attractions! Over 30 feet tall and weighing in at just under two tons, tall Paul stands watch over the city that his profession helped build...the logging industry! You won’t want to miss an opportunity to take the perfect selfie with this cool dude!

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The Bangor Wheatpaste Murals

The Bangor Wheatpaste Murals is in its third year and has people searching the area for murals painted in both hidden and open locations. From the first of June to the first of October, what will you find in your travels?   

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Pine Tree Trailblazers

Trailblazers Machias Savings Bank and Eastern Maine Eye Associates have their businesses in Bangor. Thanks to their support of donating funds to help pay for Maine DOT signs,  the nearly 500-mile Pine Tree Trail will be re-signed and recognized once again!



1126 Hammond Street
Bangor, ME 04401

(207) 947-8666



lodging bangor.jpg

There are so many different types of lodging here in Bangor, that it might take you hours to decide just where you want to stay. Why not skip around and try a few if you are staying for an extended visit? 

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dining bangor.jpg

As with any great city, the food scene is an important part of the personality of Bangor. From high-end, fine dining to pubs, cafes, and everything in between, you will wish you had a bigger stomach to taste everything that is offered here!

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 Look What's Brewing In Bangor!

Bangor craft.jpg

The Bangor area is home to over a dozen breweries, and the craft beer industry’s growth shows no sign of slowing down. As those who appreciate the lovingly created quaff discover Bangor, this chic, trendy city is sure to be a solid “Must Visit” on their short lists. Who knows just how intense this “scene” will get?


bangor brewing.jpg
Bangor beer.jpg
beer tanks bngor.jpg
Bangor hops beer.jpg



Cascade Park

Electric Fountain Cascade Park.png

Perhaps the most well-known of Bangor’s parks, Cascade Park was built in the 1930’s. It features a grotto with a waterfall and a large pool and fountain that when lit up in its beginning would draw between 1,000-5,000 vehicles a night. A beautiful place for picnics, weddings, family gatherings, walking, or just plain relaxing, this park is definitely one of Bangor’s greatest treasures.     

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The number and type of parks that Bangor has to offer are too numerous to mention here; they even have a dog park! The Waterfront Pavillion Park follows the Penobscot River and is home to many, many concerts and events and has acres of open space to enjoy. Broadway Park is large and is walking distance from some of the historic lumber baron homes on Broadway. It features a large playground for children and a sheltered picnic spot.

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Museums/ Historical

bangor museum.jpg

Maine Discovery Museum

The Maine Discovery Museum in the downtown area is located in the old Freese’s Department Store building, a local landmark known to everyone with ties to Bangor. This amazing museum is a fantastic place to visit as a family as the exhibits and hands-on learning experiences excite all age groups that spend time here. And it is part of the vibrant, eclectic scene that downtown Bangor has mastered with shops, inns, dining opportunities and much, much more.  

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Cole’s Land Transportation Museum

The Cole’s Land Transportation Museum not only preserves examples and the history of land transportation equipment in Maine, but they also display United States military memorabilia as well.   

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Bangor History

Bangor has had its share of hard times and tragedy. “In 1911, one event changed the face of Bangor forever. On April 30 a fire started in a hay shed and quickly spread to the surrounding downtown buildings and blazed through the night into the next day. When the damage was tallied, Bangor had lost its High School, Post Office & Custom House, Public Library, Norumbega Hall, telephone and telegraph companies, banks, two fire stations, nearly a hundred businesses, six churches, and synagogue and 285 private residences – a total of 55 acres.” Bangor was also the scene of the most violent shootout in Maine’s history in 1937 when the Brady Gang was gunned down in the city’s downtown area.  

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The Bangor Historical Society is an incredibly busy organization that offers tours of many different Bangor locations.      

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bangor symphony.jpg


Bangor Symphony Orchestra

Oh, the sweet, sweet sound of music! The Bangor Symphony Orchestra strives to enthrall audiences with every single performance they present. From concerts at the Waterfront to formal productions at the Collins Center at the University of Maine, this talented group of performers will leave you with lasting memories of their music!

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Zillman Art Museum

The Zillman Art Museum is located in Bangor’s downtown district and offers visitors many different exhibits to enjoy.  

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Penobscot Theater Company

The Penobscot Theater Company makes its home in the Bangor Opera House in the downtown district. The building is a beautiful example of architecture that makes this city such a pleasure to view. Performances of the group are wide and varied, and leave audience members eagerly anticipating their next show.

(Learn More About This Organization And Its History Here)


Bangor Arts Exchange

The Bangor Arts Exchange is a nonprofit organization that offers residents and visitors alike a broad variety of dance, comedy, theatre and more.

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Fitness/ Beauty

bangor haircut.jpg

There are plenty of establishments to enjoy a new cut or pedi in this city. Why not enjoy yourself and get pampered? 

If you want to get some inside exercise while in Bangor, you will have several choices of gyms to visit. 



bangor shopping.jpg

There is no adequate way to describe all the shopping opportunities in the Queen City: malls, the downtown district, side streets and more have a staggering amount of stores to browse in. 

bangor shopping 2.jpg

If you love to shop, the Early Bird Shopping Weekend is held the first week of November and has the downtown area hopping with excitement and activity! If you love a good deal wrapped up in a lot of fun, make sure it is on your list of great things to do!

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Bangor International Airport

bangor airport.jpg

Bangor International Airport makes it easy to travel in and out of this beautiful city.

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Public Transit

bus bangor.jpg

Public Transit plays a huge role in the accessibility of the Bangor region. The Community Connector provides transportation six days a week.

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National bus service is also available here. 

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Uber Taxis & Rentals

bangor uber taxi.jpg

As with all cities, there are rental vehicles, taxis and Ubers available as well. 

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