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Welcome to Augusta!

The capitol city of Maine, Augusta is located on the banks of the Kennebec River and is filled with historic places and establishments to visit. The seat of government for the state of Maine and the seat of Kennebec County, Augusta does a phenomenal job of balancing the past with the present. Buzzing with activity when the legislature is in session, the city is filled with people from all over the state as well as a tremendous number of folks who come from away to do business or just to enjoy this lovely city. The Maine National Guard has a presence here and the city is rediscovering its downtown as it moves into the future. Visitors here will not be disappointed in the Augusta experience that awaits them! 


Events, Activities & Festivals


Hiking/ Biking

Couple riding bikes

The Kennebec River Rail Trail is over 6 miles long and traverses along the Kennebec River in several communities. Maintained by a nonprofit organization, this trail is perfect for biking, hiking, skateboarding and more.    

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The Augusta branch of the University of Maine offers 3 miles of trails for all types of recreation.     

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The Augusta Nature Center offers every type of trail experience you could want to take part in!        

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Fox Glen Snowmobile Club Augusta.jpg

The Fox Glen Snowmobile Club is responsible for the trails on the east side of Augusta.  

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Fox Glen Snowmobile Club Augusta 2.jpg


Skiing/Snowshoeing/Cross country skiing 

Augusta skiing.jpg

The trails at the University are also used during the winter months.   

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If you love the sharp, crisp air in the winter, you will love recreating on these trails!    

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Augusta lodging.jpg

An amazing amount of lodging is available in this city, and you will not be disappointed in the choices that you will pick from! 

Augusta lodging 2.jpg


Friends in Fast Food Restaurant

Augusta’s food scene is growing by leaps and bounds and offers diners a huge assortment of cuisines to enjoy. Smart, upscale and trendy restaurants to down-home diners and national chain eateries ensure that if you go hungry here, it is your fault! 



People in Park

Capital Park is located between the State House and the Kennebec River. Thanks to the great thinking and generosity of its people, the park was created in 1827 from 34 acres of land donated by local residents.  

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The Eastside Boat Landing and Waterfront Park is nearly three acres to relax in, including a playground. Waterfront Wednesdays is a concert series held here, right on the river. 

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Williams Park and Skate Park is nearly five acres of fun, including basketball courts, a pool, and a playground! Augusta has a large selection of parks to enjoy.  

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Augusta has a large selection of parks to visit.  

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Museums, Music & the Arts, Attractions


Museums & Attractions

Art Museum

The First Amendment Museum is run by a nonprofit organization and is located in the 1911 Gannett House.

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The Viles Arboretum is a free, botanical garden with many miles of trails for you to enjoy the beauty that this wonderful nonprofit has created and maintains. They even offer sculpture and exhibits as well, seven days a week during the daylight hours.   

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The Museum in the Streets is a historical tour in Augusta that shares history with those wishing to walk it.

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The Maine Statehouse, the capitol building, is an amazing feat of architecture and houses so many interesting and historical items it would be hard to list them all here. They even offer guided tours!

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Located near the Statehouse, the Blaine House is not only the governor’s mansion, but it is a public building as well. Guided tours are available to see this impressive mansion, but walk-ins are not allowed.      

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Fort Western has long been a part of the Augusta community. It was built at the site of a Pilgrim trading post, and has been used as a private residence, store, and even tenement housing for those who worked in the mills. It was restored and brought back to life as a museum.     

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Located in the Henry Weld Fuller, Jr. House, the Kennebec Historical Society oversees and cares for tens of thousands of pages of historical documents for towns throughout Kennebec County. They have over 20,000 photographs of people, places and events that can be viewed.    

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The statue of Samatha Smith is a tribute to a young, 13-year old peace activist from nearby Manchester who tragically died in a plane crash in Lewiston.  

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Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Old Post Office is indescribably beautiful, an example of what architecture was in the grand days of the past.

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Music & the Arts

Musical Notes

The music scene in Augusta is largely dominated by the offerings of the Augusta Civic Center. Nationally known artists appear throughout the year as well as many events held by various entities.   

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Formerly the Augusta Symphony Orchestra, this organization has been active since the 1920s.  

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The Maine Arts Commission supports “Art in the Capitol,” exhibits of art located throughout the Capitol complex.    

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The Colonial Theatre is located in Augusta’s downtown on Water Street and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Many performances that are greatly enjoyed by all who attend are the norm for this fine organization.  

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The University of Maine at Augusta offers concerts at varying times throughout the school year. 

With a vibrant night life, many of the local pubs and bars offer live entertainment.


Fitness & Beauty

Fit Girl

If fitness is one of your priorities, you will love Augusta! Numerous facilities are available to keep you in shape when you are here 

Salons galore! While visiting Augusta, why not check out their wide array of salons and day spas to pamper yourself? 



Thrift Shop

From malls and national chain stores to Augusta’s vibrant downtown, every type of shop and store you can imagine is ready for you to walk through their doors! 

Sustainable Shop


Public Transport Passenger

The Kennebec Explorer is a great way to get around the Augusta area.

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The Augusta State Airport site has information for the traveler. 

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Taxi Driver

Rental cars area available in Augusta. Taxis and Ubers are active as well. 

Town Contact
Picture of a Pine Tree Trail sign and Augusta State Capital from Memorial Circle. On Pine Tree Trail, on Route 100/11
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