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Welcome to Old Town

The city of Old Town is located on Marsh Island between two rivers: the Penobscot to the east, and the Stillwater to the left. Surrounded by natural beauty and wildlife, there are over 50 miles of rivers and streams to enjoy year-round. Known internationally for the superior quality canoe that bears its name, the town has been home to the Old Town Canoe Company when it was founded in 1898. 

Old Town provides a large workforce for the area’s two largest employers, the University of Maine and Eastern Maine Medical Center in the nearby Trail cities of Orono and Bangor. The local paper mill employs many people from a large geographic area around. 

Rich with history, the home of the Penobscot Nation offers visitors many opportunities to explore their rich heritage.  

 (Click Here To Access The Penobscot Nation Museum Facebook Page)

There are many buildings that are beautiful examples of the grand days of architecture. While a catastrophic fire in September of 2019 destroyed several buildings on Main Street, there are still plenty to admire. 

Stop and take your time checking out local shops and eateries. A visit here is well worth your time! 




Mountain Biker in the Woods

For those who love to stay fit by pedaling, there is an amazing 90+ mile route in the area called "The Extended River Loop" that will give riders plenty of exercise and enjoyment. 


The University of Maine Bike Path also is a fun ride. (Check Out UMaine's Website For More Info)


(Check Out The UMaine Trail System Updates Facebook Page For The Latest Info)


Yet another opportunity to get exercise and get fresh air! Perch Pond Recreational Trails information is right here on the University of Maine Website: 

(Click Here For The Perch Pond Recreational Trails Map Image)


Forest Path

Many of the sites listed under “Biking” are also open to hiking. The Hirundo Wildlife Refuge is also a fantastic place to visit.:   

(Click Here To See Their Website And What They Have To Offer Those Who Love To Embrace Nature)


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Modern Bedroom

As part of the Greater Bangor metropolitan area, Old Town visitors can take a short jaunt to Bangor for a huge selection of overnight accommodations. Nearby Orono/Stillwater does have a large hotel/conference Center and also a motel that is easily reached from any spot in town. 




The city of Bangor operates a fleet of buses that serve the Old Town area.

(Click Here To Access The City Of Bangor Website For More Info)

Yellow Bus on the Bridge


A small airport is available for those who choose to travel in this manner.



Teenagers in Park

Old Town has a huge selection of parks to enjoy!

(Click Here To Check Out The City Of Old Town's Website For More Info)



Tennis Racket and Ball

Old Town has two tennis courts that are lit at night for those who like to play after work. They are located at Old Town High School on Stillwater Avenue and the Herbert Sargent School off the Bennoch Road. People can also shoot hoops at these two locations. 

Candlepin bowling is also available in Old Town for those who enjoy the sport. 



Art Gallery

Penobscot Nation Museum Located at 12 Down Street, the Museum is a must-visit. There is also a gift shop on site This description is from the Nation ‘s website: “The Penobscot Nation Museum is dedicated to preserving and sharing the rich cultural heritage of the Penobscot and Wabanaki people.  The museum houses collections that span thousands of years of history. The museum features birch bark canoes, walking sticks, root clubs, numerous historical photos, traditional garments and ceremonial wear, basketry materials, tools, and finished product, as well as contemporary art.” Contact them for current hours by calling (207) 827-4153, or

 (Click Here To Access The Penobscot Nation Museum Facebook Page) 


Maine Forest and Logging Museum. A great destination! Call ahead for hours of operation. (207) 974-6278

(Click Here To Access The Maine Forest And Logging Museum Website)  

The Old Town Museum is located at 353 Main Street, and is open during winter months by appointment until the spring when it is open fully.  207 827-7256.

(Click Here To Access Their Website)



Pasta with wine

A variety of cuisines entice the hungry traveler here. From American to Italian and in between, you will have no problem filling the belly when it starts grumbling. There’s even a local bakery for those times when you just have to have that decadent treat!

Fast Food


Girl with Shopping Bags

A wide variety of shops are ready and waiting for you! From large supermarkets and small, friendly, local markets to gift shops, trading posts and more, there is no shortage of opportunities to pick out a special gift or souvenir while you are visiting.



Getting a Haircut

If you like to take care of yourself while on vacation, there are places in town to have your hair and nails done as well as a barber shop.

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