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Macwahoc is a small plantation on the southernmost tip of Aroostook County. The name “Macwahoc” means “bog” in the native inhabitants’ tongue. It was originally part of neighboring Molunkus until 1851.

In town, it is here that the Pine Tree Trail makes its first of two major splits as the Trail pushes onward to the top of Maine. After the first split in the Trail in Macwahoc, it takes the traveler through heavily wooded and sparsely populated forested areas heading toward Houlton.





The Macwahoc/Molunkus area is the home of the Twin County Wheelers ATV Club which maintains trails that connect to the Two Rivers Club to the south. As with most trails in the nearly 6000-mile Maine Trail system, you can travel to just about the whole state from here. Make sure your tank is filled as there is no fueling station here.

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As with ATVing, this area is very remote, and one should be well-prepared when using these trails. The Eastern Maine Snow Riders is the club that grooms and maintains these trails, and is well-known for the excellent condition they keep their trails in.

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Fruits and Cheese

There is a picnic area on Route 2 that is set directly on Molunkus Stream complete with tables, a grill and rest facilities.

Steak on the Grill


Fishing in Nature

Molunkus Stream has been a standard for fishing for generations. It would surprise many of us if we knew how much tackle had been lost here...watch those trees and roots! 


Kids Kayaking

When the water runs at a good height, the serene, serpentine Molunkus Stream offers a fantastic experience for those who love a quiet paddle.  You can travel all the way to Kingman from here, and also head upcountry, too. Bring your beverages and edibles with you as there is no store to purchase goods before you head out...and don’t forget the bug spray!


Brandee & Luke Doane

Macwahoc, Maine


Town Contact

talking on phones

Contact for Macwahoc Plantation office https://www.maine.gov/local/town.php?t=Macwahoc%20Plt


Dial 911 for emergency services