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Welcome to Fort Fairfield

  If anyone held a picture in their mind of the quintessential, rural Maine town, Fort Fairfield would be right there among the top contenders. With its downtown located on the banks of the beautiful Aroostook River, the views that surround you even as you shop are amazing. The town derives its name from the fort erected there (an actual copy of the one in Fort Kent) during the Aroostook Wars.  

  Known for its production of potatoes (it used to be known as the Potato Capital of the World!) and broccoli, it is a natural fit for the town to host the annual Maine Potato Blossom Festival. This celebration has been ongoing since 1947, and is a major draw to the County for visitors every year.  In fact, 2022 was the 75th anniversary of the festival! With agriculture being a major player in the area, it is not surprising that there is a thriving Amish community there that spread across the river from Canada. Known for their strong work ethic and superior craftmanship, the Amish operate farms and businesses that locals and visitors alike can appreciate. 

  There’s an old song that states: “I left my heart in San Franscisco,” but after visiting here, you are likely to sing the lyrics with a new town in mind:  Fort Fairfield! 




fort fairfield birches.jpg

The Fort Frontier ATV Club takes care of the busy trails in this section of Aroostook County. Winding through forests and farmland, the views are stunning and the fresh air is invigorating as you guide your machines along trails that take many hours to maintain. And thanks to the great people here, your ride will definitely be one to remember! 

(You Can Check Out Their Facebook Page By Clicking Here)


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Sunset Over Forest

If you love to hike, you can do so here on the last United States leg of the International Appalachian Trail! What a place to enjoy the beauty of rural Maine, bordered by New Brunswick, Canada! The Nordic Heritage Center has many multi-use trails for varying degrees of difficulty so you can be sure that you will be able to choose a trail that’s right for your skill level.  

(Click Here To Get More Info About The Nordic Heritage Center From Their Website)

And if you are unable to walk outside, the Community Center Gymnasium is open to the public at no cost for indoor trekking and exercise. Click here for more information on what this town has to offer those who wish to stay (or get) fit!

(Click Here To Get More Info About The Community Center From The Towns Website)






Aroostook County is known for its wide-open spaces and courteous people.  Many bicyclists enjoy pedaling the highways here as the views are impressive and the ride is enjoyable. And if you like to take part in cycling events, the Maine Potato Blossom Festival hosts the “Spudcycle Classic:” A youth category offers a 12-mile tour and a 25-mile race/tour for adults.  If this sounds like something fun, you are right!  Contact the Fort Fairfield Chamber of Commerce for more details by calling (207) 472-3802.

(And Once Again, You Can Check Out What’s Available From The Nordic Heritage Center At Their Website Here)


Fishermen at Sunset

With Fort Fairfield located on the banks of the Aroostook River, it stands to reason that fishing would be a great way to spend quality time relaxing in a special place. For those wishing to do that in a watercraft, you can check out the Aroostook River Boat Launch, at 32-62 River Side Avenue or the Riverside Park and Pavillion.

 (Click Here To Get More Info About The Park From The Town's Website)  


Monson Pond can be found near the Fort Fairfield Fish and Game Club located at 550 Dorsey Road. This spot is great for fishing and swimming as well.

(You Can Learn More About The Pond And Its Fish Species By Clicking The State Of Maine’s Inland Fisheries And Wildlife Link)



Fort Fairfield Snowmobild Club.jpg


We just can’t impress upon folks enough the magic and joy of sledding in Aroostook County!  Wide open spaces, densely wooded forests, and sparkling diamonds called snow leave lasting impressions on all who are fortunate enough to spend time outdoors here.  The Fort Fairfield Snowmobile Club cares for the trails here. As with all clubs, many, many hours go into maintaining these trails so people can enjoy themselves while getting some good, fresh County air.  Hats off to this club as well for all their hard work and dedication! 

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Winter Hike

The Nordic Heritage Center offers skiers many different options to enjoy the outdoors on trails that vary in difficulty to make sure that every person is able to pick just the right option for them.

(You Can Visit Their Website By Clicking Here)





Hotel Room Keys


At this time, Fort Fairfield does not have any hotels available, but the neighboring Pine Tree Trail communities of Presque Isle and Caribou offer plenty of choices for the weary traveler. 

Sitting by Campfire


There is a large campground located here that can accommodate any style of camping you choose! 



Baked Potatoes


When you visit Fort Fairfield and you realize you are hungry and need to get something to eat, you have several businesses available to choose from.  Whether it be a full-service, varied menu or local sub shops and a national chain restaurant, if you leave here’s your fault!

Meatball Sandwich


Family Taking a Photo

If you love picnicking and relaxing in a beautiful outdoor setting, the Riverside Pavillion Park is right up your alley!  Located on the banks of the mighty Aroostook River, the park is complete with grills to barbecue on, picnic tables with roofs (why should rain ruin the day?), bathroom facilities, a sink, and even a nearby playground for the youngsters to work off some of the abundant energy they have. 

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Old Book

The Historic Friends Church, listed in the National Register of Historic Places, is the oldest church in Fort Fairfield, and is being restored by the Frontier Heritage Historical Society. It is said that the Haines family who built it in 1859-1860 were joined by some of their Quaker friends to become part of the Underground Railroad before and during the Civil War.

(You Can Click On The Town's Website To See Photos And Get More Information)



The Fort Fairfield Blockhouse Museum was built in 1976 as a replica of the original building which served to block the movement of lumber across the border into Canada during the Bloodless Aroostook War in 1839.

(To Learn More About This Conflict, Click On Digital Maine's Website Here)

 The building serves as a home for Fort Fairfield’s historical items, ranging from agricultural to historical documents and everything in between.  This fantastic site is cared for by the Frontier Heritage Historical Society.

(To Learn More, Click Here On The Town link)



For all you railroad and train lovers out there, the Fort Fairfield Railroad Museum is a must stop when you visit this town! With a locomotive, cars, and even a restored sleeper/dining car where gourmet dinners are served, this site will not disappoint you.  There are even antique farm implements on the site and an actual train station nearby. Remember the Maine Potato Blossom Festival? There is a pancake breakfast served here along with an open house during that event. And once again, the busy Frontier Heritage Historical Society cares for this unique and special place. 

(Click Here To Get More Info About The Railroad Museum From The Towns Website)



The McIntosh One-Room Schoolhouse is located near the Railroad Museum and is also cared for by the Frontier Heritage Historical Society. Step back in time by standing before the original blackboards: can you imagine all the lessons taught on those boards?

(Click Here To Get More Info About The Schoolhouse From The Towns Website)


The Philo Reed House is located at 38 Main Street and is a beautiful example of architecture at its best. It was designed and built for Philo Reed, a businessman who was the founder of one of the largest seed potato companies of the era. One of his descendants, John Reed, became one of Maine’s governors.

(Click Here To Get More Info About The Philo Reed House On




Browsing Vintage Shirts

Fort Fairfield has many unique shops as well as standard national chains. You are sure to find just what you are looking for when you visit this town...and you’ll probably find things that weren’t on your list, too! 



Yellow Bus on the Bridge

While Fort Fairfield itself does not have any public transportation, the Aroostook Regional Transportation System does in nearby Presque Isle and Caribou. Fort Fairfield is a stop on their runs.  

(Click Here To Check Out Isle Schedules For More Info)


(Click Here To Check Out Schedules For More Info)

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