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Welcome to Fort Fairfield

  If anyone held a picture in their mind of the quintessential, rural Maine town, Fort Fairfield would be right there among the top contenders. With its downtown located on the banks of the beautiful Aroostook River, the views that surround you even as you shop are amazing. The town derives its name from the fort erected there (an actual copy of the one in Fort Kent) during the Aroostook Wars.  

  Known for its production of potatoes (it used to be known as the Potato Capital of the World!) and broccoli, it is a natural fit for the town to host the annual Maine Potato Blossom Festival. This celebration has been ongoing since 1947, and is a major draw to the County for visitors every year.  In fact, 2022 was the 75th anniversary of the festival! With agriculture being a major player in the area, it is not surprising that there is a thriving Amish community there that spread across the river from Canada. Known for their strong work ethic and superior craftmanship, the Amish operate farms and businesses that locals and visitors alike can appreciate. 

  There’s an old song that states: “I left my heart in San Franscisco,” but after visiting here, you are likely to sing the lyrics with a new town in mind:  Fort Fairfield! 

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