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The Gateway to Aroostook!

When you cross over into Molunkus Township, it feels like you have crossed into a different country not just a different county! Indeed, being the first community on the Trail that is in Aroostook County is a reason to boast...The County (as it is known) is being discovered by new visitors every year who marvel at its uniqueness and beauty.




Molunkus ATV.jpg

The Two Rivers ATV Club from neighboring Mattawamkeag cares for the trails in this township. Currently, one leg of the trail leads directly to Molunkus Lake where it dead ends, but other trails follow the shore of Mattaseunk Lake before heading up to Benedicta or Medway. Clubs are to be commended for all the long hours of labor-intensive work to ensure an enjoyable and safe ride.    

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Ice Fishing/Fishing



Two beautiful lakes are nestled in this township. Mattaseunk Lake is the smaller of the two (579 acres) and is a great place to spend time on the water, whether it is paddling or wetting a line. Molunkus Lake is quite a bit larger, coming in at 1050 acres; it is known for its white perch and small mouth bass fisheries. With few camps, it is a peaceful, beautiful waterbody to enjoy some quality outdoor time. In the winter, ice shacks adorn its frozen surface as a whole community of cold weather enthusiasts take to the lake to escape the rigors of being cooped up inside for too long. It is also a place to share new methods of cooking and new recipes for hearty, deep winter fare. 


Eastern Maine Snow Riders 4.jpg

The trails in this area have been known for years as some of the best riding around for sleds. The Eastern Maine Snow Riders take care of the trails here as part of their huge trail system. 

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Eastern Maine Snow Riders.jpg

 Maine Cedar Log Moose Co. LLC is located here in Molunkus. Thanks to their financial support, and other businesses/individuals like them, the nearly 500-mile Pine Tree Trail is being re-signed once again. 

Maine Cedar Log Moose Company LLC

Molunkus Twp, ME 04459
Tel: 207-765-3383


Dial 911 for emergency services 

Aroostook County Line Sign with Pine Tre
1940 photo of Route 2, Molunkus/ Aroostook County line.
  Pine Tree Trail sign in background
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