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Welcome to Orono!

  When most people hear the name “Orono,” the University of Maine flagship campus is one of the first things that comes to mind.  The town itself is a perfect picture of a beautiful Maine location, and does not disappoint those who take the time to visit there. 

  With the Stillwater and Penobscot Rivers nearby, there are ample opportunities for people to spend plenty of time outdoors recreating and relaxing as they wish. And as the university is part of the community, the two entities ensure there are a plethora of activities, events, and museums available to partake in. You can be sure that there is never a dull moment in this busy town! 



The University

Hockey Puck

The University of Maine has so many things happening, that we wanted to include it here as an attraction all of its own! From wonderful music, theater, and arts to exhilarating sports contests (including Black Bear hockey!), UMO is always teeming with activities. 

Versant Power Astronomy Center & Jordan Planetarium

orono act. asytronomy.jpg

The Versant Power Astronomy Center & Jordan Planetarium is a must visit for those who thrill to space and all things related. There are many activities for the kids, and they even host music shows in the planetarium set to heavy hitting tracks from Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, and Prince to name a few.   

(Visit Their Website To Learn More)


Hiking & Biking

orono hiking.jpg

Orono Bog Boardwalk

It would be safe to say that the Orono Bog Boardwalk is one of the most amazing areas to hike in for miles around.  Not only is it a pleasant walk through a peat bog, it is also an education journey complete with educational signage along the way. 

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The Hirundo Wildlife Refuge is a nonprofit organization with over 2,400 acres to explore seven days a week during the daylight hours and there is no fee. Equipment rental is also free and canoes are available in the warmer months and snowshoes are available in the winter.   

(Visit Their Website To Learn More And View The Trail Maps Here)


The Hirundo Wildlife Refuge


​The Orono Land Trust

​The Orono Land Trust protects over 4,000 acres of land “from the shores of Pushaw Lake to the Penobscot River & many other properties in between.” From the Piney Knoll Conservation Area to the Orono Bog Boardwalk (which is wheelchair accessible!), there are over 14 different areas for visitors and residents alike to recreate in.    

(You Can Learn More By Visiting Their Website Here)


The Stillwater Trail

The Stillwater Trail follows the river than its name is derived from. This trail is quiet and serene and meanders through woods as it winds along the Stillwater. It is completely privately owned, and the Orono Land Trust oversees its care.  

(Learn More About This Trail Here At


Fishing & Swimming

Two Men Fishing

With rivers and lakes galore in this area, there are many opportunities to wet a line, or even take a dip yourself!    

(See What Is Available In Orono Here)

orono swimming.jpg



orono skiing.jpg


There are many, many places to enjoy a good cross country ski trek or snowshoe jaunt.   

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orono lodging.jpg

If you are planning an overnight trip, there are several hotels/motels to choose from. There are also a few campgrounds in the vicinity as well. 



orono dining 2.jpg

What an exciting town to indulge in gastronomical adventures! Brew pubs, iconic pizza parlors, Asian, Mexican and more all are just waiting for you to put your knees under their tables and enjoy the fare they produce! 

orono food 1.jpg


orono park.jpg


Brownie’s Park

Brownie’s Park is right on the Stillwater River with a popular walking path running through it.  It is a great place to launch kayaks and paddleboards, or to sit and quietly reflect and enjoy the outdoors.   

(Learn More By Visiting This Site)



The Union Street Launch

The Union Street Launch is the only park where motorized watercraft can be put in, and they must be smaller vessels. You will actually be putting into the Penobscot River!    

(Learn More Here)


The Nadeau-Savoy Memorial Park

The Nadeau-Savoy Memorial Park is located on Pushaw Lake at Gould’s Landing and is a wonderful spot to enjoy the outdoors and even have a picnic and have a swim! It is named for two Orono residents who lost their lives fighting in Viet Nam.      

(More Information Is Available Here)


Museums/ Historical

orono museum.jpg

The Page Farm and Home Museum

The Page Farm and Home Museum is an amazing example of things gone by. With a blacksmith shop, parlor, school house, and a barn that was the inspiration for one of Stephen King’s novels, you will marvel at how much different life is today than it was back then.   

(Visit Their Website Here To Learn More)


The Hudson Museum

The Hudson Museum is located at the Collins Center for the Arts on the University of Maine campus. It is free to the public and is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.        

(Check Out Their Website Here)


(You Can Get More Info By Clicking Here)


orono arts music.jpg


The Collins Center for the Arts

The Collins Center for the Arts is located at the University of Maine and is in its 30th year of providing performances and entertainment to eastern and northern Maine. From theater to orchestras and everything in between, there is something for everyone here at the Center! 

(Click To Learn More From Their Website)



The Summer Concert Series

During the warm months on Tuesday nights, the Village Green comes alive with performers for the Summer Concert Series. These are free events, and people come from all around with their lawn chairs to listen to the music and to visit with friends and neighbors...and perhaps, making new friends.   

(Check Out The Series Schedule Here)



The Snow Pond Center for the Arts

The Snow Pond Center for the Arts is an organization that strives to provide a wide range of activities and events for residents and visitors alike.   

(Visit Their Website To Learn More)


Fitness & Beauty

orono fitnss beauty.jpg

There are several places to get your nails done, get a new do, or to get some exercise.



Orono shopping.jpg

What a great variety of shops are open and ready to serve you! Not only are they fun to explore, but as you do so you will take in the beauty and charm of small-town Maine.

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Public Transit

oromo transportation.jpg

Orono has a great selection of public transportation options.  

(Learn More On the Town’s Page Here)



Uber Taxis & Rentals

As with many towns and cities, there are rental vehicles, taxis and Ubers available as well. 

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