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Vehicle Charging Stations

FUN FACT: "Where does Maine get most of its electricity?

Hydropower, wind, and wood generate most of Maine's renewable electricity. In 2020, 79% of Maine's in-state electricity net generation came from renewable resources, mostly from hydroelectric dams, wind turbines, and wood and wood-derived fuels."

With alternative transportation options becoming more abundant in modern times, charging stations must be readily available. Below is information on Charging Stations to help keep travelers fully charged and enjoying what the State and Maine's Pine Tree Trail has to offer! Whether it be on your new Ebike or in your electric vehicle, the Trail will be energized and ready when you are!

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Please note: Contacting charging station locations prior to arrival is recommended to ensure hook-up compatibility, business' hours of operation and availability. Location and facility availability may subject to change.
Trail directions are shown below map for easy reference, and can be used by typing in the town or city & state on Plugshare address bar on their map(below)!

Check out Plugshare's website for great info!

See Efficiency Maine's Website for more great info!


Trail directions:

*Portland- Route 100 (north)

Falmouth- Route 100

Cumberland- Route 100

Gray- Route 100

New Gloucester- Route 100

*Auburn- Route 100

*Lewiston- Route 100

Greene- Route 100

Leeds- Route 100

Monmouth- Route 100

North Monmouth- Route 100

*Winthrop- Route 100

East Winthrop- Route 100

Manchester- Route 100/ Route 11

*Augusta- Route 11

Sidney- Route 11

*Belgrade- Route 11

*Oakland- Route 11

*Waterville- Route 11/ Route 100

Fairfield- Route 11

Benton- Route 11/Route 100

Clinton- Route 100

Burnham- Route 100

*Pittsfield- Route 100

Detroit- Route 100

Palmyra- Route 100

*Newport- Route 100

East Newport- Route 100

Plymouth- Route 100

Etna- Route 100

Carmel- Route 100

Hermon- Route 100

*Bangor- Route 100 to Route 2 (north)

Veazie- Route 2

*Orono- Route 2 to Route 2A (north)

*Old Town- Route 2A to Route 2 (north)

Milford- Route 2

Greenbush- Route 2

Costigan- Route 2

Passadumkeag- Route 2

Enfield- Route 2

*Lincoln- Route 2

Winn- Route 2

*Mattawamkeag- Route 2

Molunkus- Route 2

"Route A" from Macwahoc to Houlton by way of Haynesville (Rte.2A)

*Macwahoc- 2A

Reed- Route 2A

*Haynesville- Route 2A

Linneus- Route 2A

Hodgdon- Route 2A 

*Houlton- 2A to Route 1 (north)

"Route B" from Macwahoc to Houlton by way of Island Falls (Rte.2)

*Macwahoc- Route 2

Silver Ridge- Route 2

Sherman- Route 2

Crystal- Route 2

*Island Falls- Route 2

Dyer Brook- Route 2

Merrill- Route 2

Smyrna Mills- Route 2

Ludlow- Route 2

New Limerick- Route 2

*Houlton- Route 2 to Route 1 (north)

Littleton- Route 1

Monticello- Route 1

Bridgewater- Route 1

Blaine- Route 1

*Mars Hill- Route 1

"Route A" from Mars Hill to Van Buren by way of Presque Isle and Caribou (Rte.1)

*Mars Hill- Route 1

Westfield- Route 1

*Presque Isle- Route 1

*Caribou- Route 1

Connor- Route 1

Acadia- Route 1

*Van Buren- Route 1

"Route B" from Mars Hill to Van Buren by way of Ft. Fairfield and Limestone (Rte.1A aka old rte.165)

*Mars Hill- Route 1A

Easton- Route 1A

*Fort Fairfield- Route 1A

*Limestone- Route 1A

Caswell- Route 1A

Hamlin- Route 1A

Van Buren to Fort Kent - via Route 1

*Van Buren- Route 1

Grand Isle- Route 1

Madawaska- Route 1

Frenchville- Route 1

*Fort Kent- Route 1


(Click Here To See Old Map/Atlas Sections Of Maine's Pine Tree Trail)

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