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Welcome to Carmel

Carmel is a small town in Penobscot County that serves as a bedroom community of the neighboring city of Bangor. With approximately 3,000 people calling it home, it has all the beauty and flavor rural Maine is known for.  

  In the past, the Auto Rest Stop was one of the biggest attractions in this area of Maine. Cabins, a restaurant, a gas station, a ballroom where nationally known acts performed, rides, and even the state’s only licensed zoo at the time drew crowds for miles around. In fact, the Auto Rest Stop became extremely well-known when it was chosen as the overnight stop for the infamous Brady gang the night before their fatal shootout with the F.B.I. in Bangor on October 12, 1937...the year that the Pine Tree Trail was named by the Maine legislature! 


Events & Activities


Canoeing & Kayaking

Carmel kayaking.jpg

The Damascus Landing is a great place to put kayaks and canoes in Soudabscook Stream which leads to Etna Pond. Small boats can be launched there as well.  

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The Carmel Snowmobile Club takes care of the trails in this area. Not only to they keep the trails safe, but they also are an active, positive part of this community! And from what their Facebook page displays, they are very good at serving up delicious food, too!   

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Pine Tree Trailblazers

Linscott's Fur Tanning is located here in Carmel. Thanks to their support of donating to pay for Maine DOT signs, and others like them, the nearly 500-mile Pine Tree Trail will be re-signed once again!

Screenshot 2022-09-11 at 16-25-49 TRAILBLAZERS

147 Murray Rd

Carmel, ME 04419
(207) 290-7862



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There are several campgrounds in the area for you to enjoy...a home away from home!

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Burger and Chips


There are several places you can pick up something to eat in this lovely town...many of them made from scratch! Yummy! 

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newport museum.jpg

The Carmel Historical Society makes its home in the Paul Haskell Museum. To request an appointment for a tour or to contact them,  

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Why not take your time in Carmel and browse the fine businesses that are a big part of the community?

Town Contact
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