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Welcome to Caribou

 Caribou is the most northeastern city in the United States. Aroostook County’s second largest city may be considered small by some standards, but Caribou offers many of the same activities you would find in larger, metropolitan areas. The fact that it does so while still embracing and offering outdoor activities so common to northern Maine is a testimony to the outstanding job they have done thriving in both “worlds.” It sits at the center of Maine’s largest county, and serves as a service center for smaller communities that surround it. From miles and miles of trails to use recreationally to world-class arts and performances, the visitor here will not be disappointed in the amount of fun that is ready to be had! 


Pine Tree Trailblazers

Hogan Tire & Machias Savings Bank both have one of their businesses here in Caribou. Thanks to their support in raising funds for the new Pine Tree Trail route signage!

(For more Trailblazer info click here)



Hotel Reception
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