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Welcome to Caribou

 Caribou is the most northeastern city in the United States. Aroostook County’s second largest city may be considered small by some standards, but Caribou offers many of the same activities and events you would find in larger, metropolitan areas. The fact that it does so while still embracing and offering outdoor activities so common to northern Maine is a testimony to the outstanding job they have done thriving in both “worlds.” It sits at the center of Maine’s largest county, and serves as a service center for smaller communities that surround it. From miles and miles of trails to use recreationally to world-class arts and performances, the visitor here will not be disappointed in the amount of fun that is ready to be had! 




caribou atv trails.jpg

For those who love to enjoy the outdoor on an ATV, Caribou offers plenty of opportunities to do so.

(You Can Check Out Their Webpage For More Info By Clicking Here)


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Sunset Kayak

The Aroostook River affords the wonderful opportunity to see some beautiful country while getting some exercise and fresh air paddling!



Hiking with Rain Jacket

The Bangor and Aroostook Trail is a multi-use trail that spans 61+ miles of great terrain for some quality outdoor activity. 


The Caribou High School Trail System is also a good place to ride or hike.


The Collins Pond Park Walking/Biking Path is a 1.5-mile trek that is part of a town-owned recreation park.  

(Click Here To Visit The City Of Caribou's Website To Learn More)






The Caribou Snowmobile Club along with the Caribou Parks and Recreation Department maintain and care for the trails in this area.  

(Check Out The Trail Map On Their Website By Clicking Here)


Pine Tree Trailblazers

Hogan Tire & Machias Savings Bank both have one of their businesses here in Caribou. Thanks to their support of donating to pay for Maine DOT signs, and others like them, the nearly 500-mile Pine Tree Trail will be recognized once again!



142 Bennett Drive
Caribou, ME 04736

(207) 498-6014



Hotel Reception

When you want to make your visit an overnight one, you have many choices of accommodations to choose from: motels, hotels, camps and campgrounds! 

Cooking Outdoors


Potato Wedges


No matter how hungry you are, you will surely find just what you need to stop that gnawing feeling in your stomach! Asian, American, diner, take-out, brew pub, pizza, fast food.... you name it, Caribou has it! 

Enjoying Lunch


Young Girls Running

There are a multitude of parks in Caribou for you to get some quality outside time.

(Visit The City's Rec Department Page For More Info By Clicking Here)



Fourth of July Airplanes

The Loring Air Museum was founded in 2005 and is run and operated by Loring veterans who want to share and preserve the history of Loring Air Force Base and work with youth to pass on the heritage of the area as well as teaching them, oftentimes, from actual experiences of the veterans.  

(You Can Visit The Museums Website By Clicking Here For More Info)



Antique Shop

With shopping establishments too numerous to mention, make sure you have plenty of room in your vehicle for all the awesome things you will find here! 



Kung Fu Nunchaku

From gyms, martial arts, salons and more, Caribou can satisfy any personal hygiene/fitness desires you may have.  



Bus Passengers

Caribou is on the route served by the Aroostook Regional Transportation System.      

(Click Here To Access The Website To See The Schedule)

The Caribou Municipal Airport is a port-of-entry airport that serves private and business interests.   

(You Can Visit The City Of Caribou's Website By Clicking Here For More Info)

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