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Welcome to Gray

Gray is located on Little Sebago Lake, and “Big” Sebago Lake is just a few miles away. There are many activities here to keep you entertained, whether outdoor or indoor is your fancy. What a great place to stay and use as your “base of operations” in this area! Once you visit here, you will definitely want to return!


Events, Activities & Attractions

The Wild Blueberry Festival

Blueberry pie.jpg

 August is a favorite month for Maine festivals, and Gray takes advantage of the great weather by hosting the Wild Blueberry Festival. This event is full of fun: contests, continuous music, vendors, food trucks, and much more...which makes this the perfect way to spend some quality time in a wonderful Maine town that excels at what they do! 

(Check Out The Festival Website Here)

The Maine Wildlife Park


An absolute must visit is the Maine Wildlife Park. With over 30 different species of wildlife, visitors will get the chance to see these beautiful creatures up close. The park also offers a museum, snack shack, visitor center, store, gardens, and much, much more.  

(Visit Their Site To See All They Have To Offer)



With the advent of mapping apps and software, the art of geocaching has become a worldwide activity enjoyed by millions. Incredibly, Gray has over 100 geocaches within a five-mile radius of the center of town! 


Gray ATV group ride.jpg

 The GNG ATV Club makes sure that anyone riding on their trail system has an enjoyable, safe trip.     

(Click Here To Access The ATV Club Facebook Page For More Info)

Gray ATV club.jpg


gray snowmobile.jpg

The club that maintains trails for snowmobiles here is the Gray Snowolves. As with all clubs in Maine, these selfless volunteers put in hundred of hours to make sure that one of Maine’s premiere sports can be enjoyed safely and respectfully. 

(Click Here To Access Gray Snowolves Facebook Page For More Info)

Other Activities

Hiking & Biking

gray hhiking.jpg

As with the winter months, the Libby Hill Forest Trail System sets the standard for warm weather activities. Their website is a great resource.  

(Click Here To Learn More From


Fishing & Swimming

gray fishing.jpg

Crystal Lake is a beautiful waterbody that locals and visitors alike can enjoy. Wet a line, your feet, or paddles and get out and enjoy this amazing lake! 

(Click Here To Learn More)


Lodging & Camping

gray lodging.jpg


There is plenty of lodging available in both Gray and the surrounding areas. From motels, hotels, and much more you can find a perfect fit for you! 

gray camping.jpg


With one campground in Gray and others nearby, those who enjoy sleeping in the great outdoors will find what they want in this beautiful area! 



gray food.jpg

 Many different styles of cuisine can be found in Gray. American, seafood, Asian, pizza/subs/ and more offer the hungry diner a wide array of choices to pick from! 

gray food #2.jpg



From large, standard stores to small, cozy shops, browsing and shopping are a pleasant way to spend some time in this lovely city. What a variety awaits you!


Beauty & Fitness

gray beauty salon.jpg

 Sometimes part of a great vacation is pampering yourself. While you are here, there are many options to get an updated do, a trim, manicure and more. 

Historical Society

Historical Society/Museum

Gray history.jpg

The Mayall Mill was built in 1791, and it became North America’s first successful water-powered woolen mill.

(Learn More From Maine Parks And Land’s Website Here)

The Dry Mills Schoolhouse Museum is full of wonderful items to study and consider. The Gray Historical Society maintains the treasures and history of the area.

(Visit Their Website To Learn More)

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