Kittery- Route 1

York- Route 1

Ogunquit- Route 1

Wells- Route 1

Kennebunk- Route 1

Arundel- Route 1

Biddeford- Route 1

Saco- Route 1

Scarborough- Route 1

South Portland- Route 1

*Portland- Route 1 to Route 100 (north)

Falmouth- Route 100

Cumberland- Route 100

Gray- Route 100

New Gloucester- Route 100

*Auburn- Route 100

*Lewiston- Route 100

Greene- Route 100

Leeds- Route 100

Monmouth- Route 100

North Monmouth- Route 100

*Winthrop- Route 100

East Winthrop- Route 100

Manchester- Route 100/ Route 11

*Augusta- Route 11

Sidney- Route 11

*Belgrade- Route 11

*Oakland- Route 11

*Waterville- Route 11/ Route 100

Fairfield- Route 11

Benton- Route 11/Route 100

Clinton- Route 100

Burnham- Route 100

*Pittsfield- Route 100

Detroit- Route 100

Palmyra- Route 100

*Newport- Route 100

East Newport- Route 100

Plymouth- Route 100

Etna- Route 100

Carmel- Route 100

Hermon- Route 100

*Bangor- Route 100 to Route 2 (north)

Veazie- Route 2

*Orono- Route 2 to Route 2A (north)

*Old Town- Route 2A to Route 2 (north)

Milford- Route 2

Greenbush- Route 2

Costigan- Route 2

Passadumkeag- Route 2

Enfield- Route 2

*Lincoln- Route 2

Winn- Route 2

*Mattawamkeag- Route 2

Molunkus- Route 2

"Route A" from Macwahoc to Houlton by way of Haynesville (Rte.2A)

*Macwahoc- 2A

Reed- Route 2A

*Haynesville- Route 2A

Linneus- Route 2A

Hodgdon- Route 2A 

*Houlton- 2A to Route 1 (north)

"Route B" from Macwahoc to Houlton by way of Island Falls (Rte.2)

*Macwahoc- Route 2

Silver Ridge- Route 2

Sherman- Route 2

Crystal- Route 2

*Island Falls- Route 2

Dyer Brook- Route 2

Merrill- Route 2

Smyrna Mills- Route 2

Ludlow- Route 2

New Limerick- Route 2

*Houlton- Route 2 to Route 1 (north)

Littleton- Route 1

Monticello- Route 1

Bridgewater- Route 1

Blaine- Route 1

*Mars Hill- Route 1

"Route A" from Mars Hill to Van Buren by way of Presque Isle and Caribou (Rte.1)

*Mars Hill- Route 1

Westfield- Route 1

*Presque Isle- Route 1

*Caribou- Route 1

Connor- Route 1

Acadia- Route 1

*Van Buren- Route 1

"Route B" from Mars Hill to Van Buren by way of Ft. Fairfield and Limestone (Rte.1A aka old rte.165)

*Mars Hill- Route 1A

Easton- Route 1A

*Fort Fairfield- Route 1A

*Limestone- Route 1A

Caswell- Route 1A

Hamlin- Route 1A

*Van Buren- Route 1A to Route 1 (north)

Grand Isle- Route 1

Madawaska- Route 1

Frenchville- Route 1

*Fort Kent- Route 1


Maine's Pine Tree Trail:

An ACT passed by Eighty-eighth Legislature of the  STATE of MAINE 1937

Chapter 43 

Be it enacted by the People of the State of Maine, as follows: "Pine Tree Trail" designated. The road leading from Portland through Auburn, Lewiston, Winthrop, Augusta, Belgrade, Oakland, Waterville, Pittsfield, Newport, Bangor, Orono, Old Town, Lincoln, Mattawamkeag, and Macwahoc, Route A from Macwahoc to Houlton by way of Haynesville Route B-from Macwahoc to Houlton by way of Island Falls, from Houlton to Mars Hill,-Route A from Mars Hill to Fort Kent by way of Presque Isle, Caribou, and Van Buren-Route B-from Mars Hill by way of Ft. Fairfield, Limestone and Van Buren, is hereby designated as the "Pine Tree Trail." Approved March 29th 1937

Reviving Maine's Pine Tree Trail

UPDATE!!  The order for the minimum amount of 68 signs has been put in for the D.O.T. approved Pine Tree Trail signage, and now we are raising additional funds for at least 32 more signs to make sure the Trail is easily navigated. Any amount you wish to give will be greatly appreciated and will benefit communities on the route! This is the final push, folks!  We are so close to getting the signs up...let's make it happen!

   A BIG thank you to the Pine Tree Trailblazers who donated $1000 each toward D.O.T. approved signage! 

  Currently, over $9000.00 has been raised for the Trail's re-establishment.

The mission is still ongoing as the Pine Tree Trail Community continues to raise funds for the installation and maintenance of said signs.  In 1938, 500 Pine Tree Trail signs were erected along the entire route. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the markers disappeared as well as the knowledge of the route. An original sign was found in 2012, and in 2019 a movement started to bring the Pine Tree Trail back.  Individuals have met with Maine D.O.T. and have gotten the go ahead to privately raise funds for signs that will be re-installed once again.  White Sign Company is manufacturing Maine Department of Transportation road signs for the Trail. You can make your donation to help with extra signs for maintenance by calling White Sign at 207-827-5802 to use debit/credit cards, or by sending check/money order payable to White Sign Company, P.O. Box 261, Stillwater, Maine  04489.  Make sure you specify that it is for the Pine Tree Trail sign account.  If you want to become part of the Trailblazer Legacy Program by donating $1000 or more, please contact us at (207) 765-3383 or message us for more information.  Thanks so much!  Together, we are doing this!!! 

white sign company logo_edited.png

White Sign Co.



Once re-established, the Trail has potential to bring in much needed revenue to Maine. With the added demand for more products and services, job creation will be another added benefit. 


Follow our progress & share Trail memories on Maine's Pine Tree Trail Community group page on Facebook!!

The Modern Route:

Modern Route: The Kittery Spur (Rte.1),  Rte. 100 from Portland to Augusta, Rte. 11 Augusta to Benton, Rte. 100 from Benton to Bangor, Rte. 2 from Bangor to Orono, Rte. 2A to Old Town, Rte. 2A to Rte. 2 in Old Town. Rte. 2 from Old Town north to Macwahoc, Rtes. 2 & 2A north from Macwahoc to Houlton, Rte. 1 from Houlton to Mars Hill, Rtes. 1 & 1A  (old Rte. 165) north from Mars Hill to Van Buren, then continued to Fort Kent on Rte. 1. and vice versa if you're starting your trip on the Trail from Fort Kent!